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Game of Thrones



Season 3

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1 Valar Dohaeris The Nights Watch race back to the Wall to warn Wes...
The Nights Watch race back to the Wall to warn Westeros of the Walker threat. John Snow makes a favourable impression on Mance Rayder. Robb Stark takes Harrenhal. Tyrion asks his father for Casterly Rock but is put in his place. Joffrey is forced to wait nervously in the streets while Margaery Tyrell tends to some orphans. Little Finger tells Sansa that he will try and take her to her mother. Davos Seaworth makes his way home but is put in prison by Stannis. Daenerys arrives in Astapor and views The Unsullied army. She also survives a Warlock assassination and meets Ser Barristan.
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2 Dark Wings, Dark Words Sansa tells the truth about Joffrey to Margaery an...
Sansa tells the truth about Joffrey to Margaery and her grandmother, Lady Olenna Tyrell. Joffrey then calls Margaery in to test her and she begins to seduce him. Shae warns Tyrion about Baelish. Robb turns his army toward Riverrun for Catelyn's father's funeral. Catelyn tells Talisa about her guilt over raising Jon Snow. Jon continues to win Mance's trust and meets a Warg who can communicate with animals. Bran learns that he is one and something more by new arrivals Jojen and Meera Read. Theon is tortured somewhere by someone for some purpose. Arya, Hot Pie and Gendry run into Thoros of Myr a member of the Brotherhood without Banners. He treats them honourably until the Hound arrives in captivity and recognises Arya. Jamie is recognised by a farmer who tips off some northmen who close in on him and Brienne.
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3 Walk of Punishment Jaime and Brienne are taken prisoner by Lord Bolto...
Jaime and Brienne are taken prisoner by Lord Bolton's men. Jaime persuades them not to rape Brienne but suffers for his kindness. Baelish is set to wed Lady Aryn of the Vale and Tyrion is appointed Master of Coin in his place. He rewards Podrick for his loyal service. Melissandre sets out to perform sacrifices and assures Stannis she will return. Arya and Gendry head off with the Brothers but Hot Pie stays behind. Robb bemoans his strategic position while at Riverrun and Catelyn laments her lost sons. Dany offers a dragon in exchange for all of the Unsullied. Jon Snow is ordered to attack the wall while the Nights Watch return to Craster's place and Sam sees Gilly give birth to a son.
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4 And Now His Watch is Ended Jaime is humiliated further by Bolton's men and Br...
Jaime is humiliated further by Bolton's men and Brienne has to keep him alive. Theon is led back to his torture chamber after admitting that he made the wrong choice in going home. Varys explains his origins to Tyrion before Ros informs him of Little Finger's interest in Sansa. Varys asks Olenna Tyrell for help and they suggest that Sansa wed Loras. Margaery further endears herself to Joffrey. The Brotherhood without Banners decides to try the Hound for murder. At Craster's Keep empty bellies lead to a rebellion, Mormont and Craster are killed and Sam flees with Gilly. Dany hands over her dragon only to slaughter the masters of the Unsullied and lead her 'free' army out of Astapor.
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5 Kissed by Fire Jon Snow claims there are a thousand men at Castle...
Jon Snow claims there are a thousand men at Castle Black and that sixteen watch posts along the wall are unmanned. Ygritte tests his vows to the Knights Watch by seducing him. Lord Karstark kills the Lannister boys being held at Riverrun as vengeance for his dead sons. Robb executes him and loses half his army as a result. The Hound kills Beric but he comes back to life. Arya is to be offered in exchange for cash to her brother while Gendry decides to stay behind. Jaime's wound is tended to before he tells Brienne how he slayed the King. Stannis apologises to his wife for his infidelity but she knows all about it and is a devout follower of the Lord of Light. Stannis visits his daughter who ignores Davos' treachery to spend time with him. Tyrion negotiates with Olenna to cut down the cost of the Royal wedding. Tywin then informs him that he is to marry Sansa to avoid the Tyrells from claiming her. Cersei will marry Loras. Daenerys encourages the Unsullied to shed their slave names while Sers Jorah and Barristan jockey for position.
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6 The Climb Gilly and Sam move through forest toward the Wall....
Gilly and Sam move through forest toward the Wall. Giantsbane leads a party to climb the Wall as Ygritte tells Jon she expects him to be loyal to her even if he is still a Crow. The ice breaks as they climb but they make it safely to the top. Theon's torture continues and he remains unsure who is wielding the knife. Melissandre arrives to collect Gendry and says she sees darkness in Arya. Walder Frey asks for Edmure to marry his daughter in order to send men to fight for Robb. Lord Bolton plans to deliver Jaime back to Kings Landing. Tywin twists Olenna's hand over his marriage plans and Tyrion breaks the news to Sansa.
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7 The Bear and the Maiden Fair Jon and Ygritte continue to flirt while the Warg w...
Jon and Ygritte continue to flirt while the Warg warns her about Jon's loyalty and he speaks of the previous failed invasions of Westeros by the Wildlings. Bran tells Osha that he plans on heading north of the Wall which she refuses to do. Talisa tells Robb she is pregnant. Jaime says goodbye to Brienne and heads south. He soon returns to Harrenhal to rescue her. Arya runs away from the Brotherhood when they head out to attack a Lannister raiding party. She is captured by the Hound. Tyrion frets about marrying Sansa as she confides in Margaery. Shae refuses to be Tyrion's mistress. Joffree raises concerns about Daenerys which Tywin dismisses. Daenerys camps her army outside Yunkai and demands that they free all of their slaves.
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8 Second Sons Sam and Gilly take shelter while ravens gather noi...
Sam and Gilly take shelter while ravens gather noisily above them. A White Walker approaches seemingly to take the baby but Sam stabs it with the First Men's knife and it disintegrates. The Hound tells Arya that he is taking her to the Twins. Stannis tells Davos about Gendry's blood and Davos asks for proof of its power. Tyrion and Sansa marry and Joffree makes sure they are both humiliated. The Second Sons arrive to fight for Yunkai but one of their captains Daario Naharis betrays them pledging himself to the beautiful Daenerys.
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9 The Rains of Castamere Sam and Gilly approach the Wall. Bran and company ...
Sam and Gilly approach the Wall. Bran and company take refuge in a windmill while Jon and the Wildlings converge on the same place. Jon refuses to kill the horse breeder who lives there and Bran takes control of his wolves to help Jon escape leaving a shocked Ygritte behind. Bran sends Rickon away with Osha. At the Twins the wedding of Edmure and Walder Frey's daughter goes ahead with no apparent hitch. Arya promises to kill the Hound but lets him take her to the Twins. She arrives just as Walder Frey slaughters all the wedding guests including Catelyn, Robb and Talisa. Daario leads Ser Jorah and Grey Worm in the back gates of Yunkai and the city soon falls to Daenerys.
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10 Mhysa Bran runs into Sam and Gilly as they cross paths a...
Bran runs into Sam and Gilly as they cross paths at the Wall. Sam makes it to Castle Black and warns Maester Aemon about the White Walkers. Ygritte catches up to Jon and shoots him with several arrows but he makes it home too. Lord Bolton's bastars son continues to torture Theon. Balon disowns him but Yara insists on attempting a rescue. Arya and the Hound kill some of Walder Frey's men. Ser Davos helps Gendry escape and only the message from the Nights Watch convinces Melissandre to spare him. Jaime makes it to Kings Landing for an emotional reunion with Cersei. Joffrey continues to be frustrated by Tywin, Tyrion leaves Sansa to her tears and Varys asks Shae to leave for Tyrion's sake. The people of Yunkai accept Daenerys as their mother.
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