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FlashForward is a drama based around an incident where everyone on Earth loses consciousness and sees a vision of their future. ABC 2009-2010

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Season 1

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1 No More Good Days Everyone in the world loses consciousness at the s...
Everyone in the world loses consciousness at the same time for two minutes and seventeen seconds. Most people experience a “flash forward”, a memory of what they will be doing on April 29th 2010. In L.A. FBI Agent Mark Benford’s flashforward shows him working on solving why this happened. He begins that task with his partner Demetri Noh who had no flash and worries he may be dead in six months. Their colleague Janis Hawel finds videotape of the incident in Detroit with one man not asleep. Mark’s wife Olivia sees herself with another man and will soon meet him as his son is brought to be treated by her. Mark’s daughter Charlie said she saw there being “no more good days.”
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2 White To Play Didi Gibbons arrives at the FBI office to tell wha...
Didi Gibbons arrives at the FBI office to tell what she saw in her flashforward. Mark and Demetri head off to Utah as a result. They track down the real Gibbons who escapes, but they learn that he called the man in Detroit during the blackout. Olivia meets Lloyd Simcoe, the man from her flash but he doesn’t recognise her. He has to tell his son that his mother has died. The boy asks for Olivia just as Charlie reveals that she knows Dylan and D Gibbons. Demetri and Janis both enter their flashes into the Mosaic project and he gets a call telling him he will be murdered in five months time.
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3 137 Sekunden Demetri is told he will be shot but no more. As Ma...
Demetri is told he will be shot but no more. As Mark wades through intelligence reports he comes across one from Germany which mentions him by name and he now remembers was in his flashforward. Mark and Janis head to Munich and agree to free former Nazi Rudolf Geyer. Aaron has his daughters remains exhumed but testing says it is her.
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4 Black Swan Demetri interrogates the woman he arrested just af...
Demetri interrogates the woman he arrested just after the blackouts. Much to Mark’s irritation they follow up on a lead she gives them rather than Somalia. Demetri tells Mark about his murder and agrees to help investigate the mosaic leads instead. Nicole returns but tells Mark she was being drowned in her flashforward. Olivia doesn’t want to think about Lloyd or her flashforward but is pushed into doing so by Bryce. His faith in the flashforwards coming true allows him to correctly diagnose a patient. Lloyd gets a call from Simon (Dominic Monaghan), someone who claims that they were responsible for the blackouts.
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5 Gimme Some Truth The Senate Intelligence Committee convenes hearing...
The Senate Intelligence Committee convenes hearings about how each agency is investigating the blackouts. Stanford used to work with the President and butts heads with the chairman of the committee Joyce Clemente. He blackmails the President in order to ensure funding for Mosaic. Mark confesses to Stanford that he was drunk during his flashforward. Janis goes on a date with a woman and admits she hasn’t come out at work. The four agents in DC and Janis are all attacked by Asian gunmen and she is shot.
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6 Scary Monsters and Super Creeps Demetri and Al go in search of clues to the identi...
Demetri and Al go in search of clues to the identity of the gunmen who Janis killed. Her injuries make it unlikely she would be able to conceive a child. Next door Dylan leave the hospital and using his flashforward as a guide makes his way to the Benford household. When Lloyd, Olivia and Mark all come face to face it becomes clear why Dylan travelled there. Mark admits he was drunk in his flashforward and he and Olivia argue over their lack of trust. Simon arrives in LA and finds Lloyd to talk about their “experiment” which killed twenty million people.
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7 The Gift Al, Demetri and Mark head to a meeting of the blue...
Al, Demetri and Mark head to a meeting of the blue hands, a death club for those with no flash forwards. They arrest the organiser of the meeting who insists that the future is set in stone. Al reveals that in his flashforward he had accidentally killed a mother and orphaned her children. He commits suicide to prevent that from happening and prove that the future can be changed. Demetri tells Zoey about what he really didn’t see. Nicole begins volunteering at the hospital and helps Bryce piece his vision together. Aaron gets a visit from Mike Willingham, a soldier who saw his daughter die. Then she appears in his house.
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8 Playing Cards with Coyote As the world learns of Al’s sacrifice everyone b...
As the world learns of Al’s sacrifice everyone begins to question whether their vision will come true or not. Mark decides to take matters into his own hands when he kills a man who has the three star tattoo on his arm. Aaron believes in his vision and uses it to convince Tracy to open up to him. She talks of a military conspiracy. Janis begins to explore sperm donation. Simon and Lloyd play cards to see whether or not they should go public about their part in the blackouts. A whole cadre of men with the star tattoo are up to something.
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9 Believe We see that Bryce was diagnosed with liver cancer ...
We see that Bryce was diagnosed with liver cancer and that led to his suicide attempt. He then saw a strange meeting with a Japanese girl. In the present he is getting sicker and learning Japanese. Olivia arranges for him to join a medical trial but instead he flies to Japan to look for the girl. The girl, Keiko, quits her office job and leaves her controlling mother behind to travel to LA where she saw herself meeting Bryce. Meanwhile Aaron becomes concerned that Tracy is turning into an alcoholic. Mark discovers the text to Olivia about his drinking and seeks out its source. The NSA have a recording of the call Demetri received warning him of his murder.
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10 A561984 Mark and Demetri arrive in Honk Kong and track dow...
Mark and Demetri arrive in Honk Kong and track down the mysterious Persian woman. She tells them that Mark will kill Demetri. We see that she has many of the same clues as Mark and is harbouring D Gibbons. Mark is relieved of his duties for his reckless actions on Chinese soil. Lloyd announces to a global audience that his experiment caused the blackouts though Simon denies this. Simon seeks out Wedek and asks if he can help the Mosaic taskforce track down the real cause. Lloyd tries to transfer Dylan to a more secure location and Olivia offers to help. But before he can he is kidnapped at gun point. Zoey realises she wasn’t at a wedding in her vision but a funeral. Janis asks Bryce for advice on sperm banks.
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11 Revelation Zero (1) Mark is told to go see a therapist before he can b...
Mark is told to go see a therapist before he can be reinstated. She suggests that some drugs might help him remember his whole flashforward. When he does he realises he was on the phone with Lloyd discussing another blackout about to happen. CIA agent Vogel joins the Mosaic taskforce and chases down leads surrounding Lloyd's abduction. Simon is kidnapped too while at Lloyd's house. Simon and Lloyd are confronted by Flosso, the man who was seen collecting rings and he says they did not cause the blackout but merely amplified it. Olivia pulls strings to keep Dylan at the hospital under her care.
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12 Revelation Zero (2) Flosso cuts off Simon's finger but Lloyd won't spe...
Flosso cuts off Simon's finger but Lloyd won't speak until Dylan is threatened. Thanks to a clue from his flash Mark finds them and frees them. Nicole talks to Timothy the window cleaner and decides to introduce Bryce to her mother. Simon slips out of Janis' care and heads home to Toronto. She catches up with him but agrees to let him help his family search for his missing sister. His Uncle Teddy (Flosso) comes to dinner and Simon kills him. In flashback we see that Simon was Suspect Zero and Flosso has been grooming him since he was a boy to help create the blackout. We also learn that Flosso had his father killed and kidnapped his sister.
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13 Blowback Zoey takes every step she can to prevent Demetri f...
Zoey takes every step she can to prevent Demetri from being killed. She offers to represent Alda Hertzog in exchange and information on how to save him. Mark takes Lloyd to his house to walk him through their phone call. Lloyd admits that he knows who D Gibbons is. Agent Vogel sets in motion a plan to head to Somalia while Janis gets her fertility treatments started. Aaron confides in Mike that Tracy has returned and is living with him. She is soon abducted and Aaron takes out extreme measures on Mike and the head of Jericho to get her back.
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14 Better Angels The team land in Somalia and are immediately captu...
The team land in Somalia and are immediately captured by Abdi, the boy (now a man) who survived the 1991 experiment. He recognises Simon and insists that they tell him what they are there for. Janis uses his flashforward to convince him of the need to investigate the tower. Once inside they find the corpses of the entire village and Abdi tries to kill Simon in revenge but Vogel shoots him instead. They find video of D Gibbons interviewing villagers about their flashes and then later he talks directly to Demetri despite being filmed eighteen years before. Back in LA Mark convinces Olivia to ask Charlie to explain her flashforward to them. She says that she heard agents claiming that Mark was dead. Nicole decides to start studying to become a doctor and Bryce confides that he may not be around to see that happen.
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15 Queen Sacrifice Dyson Frost's video indicates that Mark is importa...
Dyson Frost's video indicates that Mark is important in what happens next. Mark looks into Frost's past and finds a lead from his old chess playing days. When the lead is murdered Mark and Vogel decide it's time to take down the mole once and for all. They lock the Mosaic task force in a room and interview them one by one. Janis fingers Marcie as the mole and investigations bear this out. Marcie makes a break for it but Janis takes her down. Janis reveals to Simon that she is also a mole and knows he killed Flosso. Elsewhere Keiko starts working for a garage but is arrested, Bryce kisses Nicole and Mark moves out much to Charlie's distress.
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16 Let No Man Put Asunder Marcie is taken away before she can tell the Mosai...
Marcie is taken away before she can tell the Mosaic team anything of value. Dyson Frost kills a homeless man with Mark's gun putting Demetri on edge. He decided to marry Zoey now and run away before his death date. But Frost knocks him out and heads out to have a word with Charlie. Meanwhile the Vice President comes to Stanford and asks for his help in taking down Jericho. Stanford tracks down Aaron and arms him for his trip to Afghanistan. Charlie and Dylan organise to see each other forcing Olivia and Lloyd to interact and eventually kiss.
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17 The Garden of Forking Paths Charlie details her conversation with Dyson Frost ...
Charlie details her conversation with Dyson Frost and a meeting with Mark is arranged in Grand Central Station. At the meeting Frost tells Mark how to escape his surveillance and instructs him to come out into the mountains for a discreet meeting. Frost has Demetri tied up with a gun pointed at him and sets a countdown for when the mechanism will shoot him. Alda pushes Zoey to get her a hearing that day and uses the opportunity to escape. She follows Mark out to the meeting place and kills Frost. Mark finds Demetri and uses clues Frost left with Charlie to disable the mechanism and move the gun away from Demetri. Meanwhile Agent Vreede asks Olivia to take a look at the homeless man who Frost shot. He was the one who sent her the text about Mark's drinking. He was probably a savant and a friend of his approaches Olivia warning her about something.
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18 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road We see Janis' recruitment and various times when s...
We see Janis' recruitment and various times when she has handed over FBI information to a lady in a fish store. We see her guilt and disgust over the blackouts and her original recruitment by Vogel to be a double agent. In the present she steals Frost's plans for a device which predicts blackouts but fails to destroy them all. Mark finds one of the QED rings hidden inside Frost's chess piece. Olivia and Vreede head out to the abandoned Raven River psychiatric hospital where Gabriel was experimented on by Frost. Gabriel tells her that she is supposed to be with Lloyd and that she is on the wrong path. Aaron arrives in Afghanistan and is taken to meet Kahmir.
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19 Course Correction Simon sees his sister Annabelle on the side of the...
Simon sees his sister Annabelle on the side of the road. She has gun sights on her and tells him that he must give up the ring or see her die. Mark finds out that Simon is up to something and finds Annabelle but Simon takes the ring, says goodbye and disappears. Agent Banks returns to help Demetri investigate the murders of several people who survived their death dates. They work out that it is Jeff Slingerland from the Blue Hand group who is trying to balance out the universe. Bryce's cancer goes into remission just as Nicole finds Keiko.
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20 The Negotiation It's the day before April 29th and the FBI are on ...
It's the day before April 29th and the FBI are on high alert. They question Gabriel and plan to move him to a safe house. Janis phones in the information but it's a trap and Mark is dressed as Gabriel instead. Mark captures Hellinger who earlier made an offer for Simon to come work for him. Mark calls Janis out on being a double agent and she confesses to Demetri as well. Aaron rescues Tracy and takes her to the place he saw in his flashforward.
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21 Countdown Simon asks Janis to take him to NLAP so he can fin...
Simon asks Janis to take him to NLAP so he can find clues as to who is behind the global blackout. Demetri agrees to take them there after telling Zoey that he impregnated Janis. Hellinger will only talk to Mark and tries to convince him that he will die unless he releases him. Mark ignores him but ends up beating him up and getting kicked out by Stanford. He ends up drinking, getting into a bar fight and then put in jail. In Afghanistan Tracy dies and Aaron discovers that Jericho were experimenting with flashforwards. Nicole tells Bryce about Keiko just as her mother arrives to take her back to Japan.
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22 Future Shock Stanford picks Mark up from jail and gets a call t...
Stanford picks Mark up from jail and gets a call telling him that two bombs have been found at the FBI office. They race to the scene and Mark heads inside. The masked gunmen come looking for him but he kills most of them. In the meantime he finds out why Gabriel moved his string and discovers the time of the next blackout. Lloyd supplied him with the date thanks to Dylan writing out the formula and a chance text from Simon. Simon and Demetri make into NLAP but can't prevent the next blackout. Janis is taken to hospital and discovers she is having a boy. Keiko and Bryce find one another, Nicole is saved from drowning and Tracy wakes up.
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