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FlashForward is a drama based around an incident where everyone on Earth loses consciousness and sees a vision of their future. ABC 2009-2010


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Season 1 2009-10 22 54 -

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Season 1
» Episode 17
The Garden of Forking Paths Charlie details her conversation with Dyson Frost and...
Charlie details her conversation with Dyson Frost and a meeting with Mark is arranged in Grand Central Station. At the meeting Frost tells Mark how to escape his surveillance and instructs him to come out into the mountains for a discreet meeting. Frost has Demetri tied up with a gun pointed at him and sets a countdown for when the mechanism will shoot him. Alda pushes Zoey to get her a hearing that day and uses the opportunity to escape. She follows Mark out to the meeting place and kills Frost. Mark finds Demetri and uses clues Frost left with Charlie to disable the mechanism and move the gun away from Demetri. Meanwhile Agent Vreede asks Olivia to take a look at the homeless man who Frost shot. He was the one who sent her the text about Mark's drinking. He was probably a savant and a friend of his approaches Olivia warning her about something.
71 -
Season 1
» Episode 9
Believe We see that Bryce was diagnosed with liver...
We see that Bryce was diagnosed with liver cancer and that led to his suicide attempt. He then saw a strange meeting with a Japanese girl. In the present he is getting sicker and learning Japanese. Olivia arranges for him to join a medical trial but instead he flies to Japan to look for the girl. The girl, Keiko, quits her office job and leaves her controlling mother behind to travel to LA where she saw herself meeting Bryce. Meanwhile Aaron becomes concerned that Tracy is turning into an alcoholic. Mark discovers the text to Olivia about his drinking and seeks out its source. The NSA have a recording of the call Demetri received warning him of his murder.
65 -
Season 1
» Episode 3
137 Sekunden Demetri is told he will be shot but...
Demetri is told he will be shot but no more. As Mark wades through intelligence reports he comes across one from Germany which mentions him by name and he now remembers was in his flashforward. Mark and Janis head to Munich and agree to free former Nazi Rudolf Geyer. Aaron has his daughters remains exhumed but testing says it is her.
63 -
Season 1
» Episode 13
Blowback Zoey takes every step she can to prevent...
Zoey takes every step she can to prevent Demetri from being killed. She offers to represent Alda Hertzog in exchange and information on how to save him. Mark takes Lloyd to his house to walk him through their phone call. Lloyd admits that he knows who D Gibbons is. Agent Vogel sets in motion a plan to head to Somalia while Janis gets her fertility treatments started. Aaron confides in Mike that Tracy has returned and is living with him. She is soon abducted and Aaron takes out extreme measures on Mike and the head of Jericho to get her back.
63 -
Season 1
» Episode 2
White To Play Didi Gibbons arrives at the FBI office to...
Didi Gibbons arrives at the FBI office to tell what she saw in her flashforward. Mark and Demetri head off to Utah as a result. They track down the real Gibbons who escapes, but they learn that he called the man in Detroit during the blackout. Olivia meets Lloyd Simcoe, the man from her flash but he doesn’t recognise her. He has to tell his son that his mother has died. The boy asks for Olivia just as Charlie reveals that she knows Dylan and D Gibbons. Demetri and Janis both enter their flashes into the Mosaic project and he gets a call telling him he will be murdered in five months time.
60 -

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Although the show was based on a novel (of the same name) by Robert J Sawyer the television adaption owed much to ABC's Lost. Following on right towards the end of Lost's run the show featured the same mystery driven science fiction, a large ensemble cast and even Lost alum Dominic Monaghan and Sonya Walgan.


However, the producers failed to learn the lessons of Lost's success. The characters were never fleshed out adequately and the incoherent mysteries dominated proceedings. After a season of falling ratings the show was cancelled in May 2010.


I was one of many who foolishly assumed that FlashForward would capture at least some of Lost's appeal. I committed in advance to recording a podcast covering each episode. It was an important lesson to learn because it made for unappealing listening to hear me tearing a show apart each week. Some will say it was worth it for my high pitched rant during episode twelve (Revelation Zero).


FlashForward was the first of several attempts to mimic Lost in a very direct way. Yet what made Lost work was first and foremost the strength of its characters. In contrast FlashForward let the plot drive things and failed to gain the allegiance of viewers. One unfortunate contribution which the show made to television history was an appalling lead performance by Joseph Fiennes as Mark Benford. I have never seen such a high profile lead play a role with the same grating intensity and absence of nuance.

November 2011


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