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Dollhouse is a drama about a secret company in Los Angeles who can programme the minds of their young 'Actives' with any personality that a client chooses. FOX 2009-2010


Season 2

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1 Vows Paul Ballard hires Echo to help him take down an a...
Paul Ballard hires Echo to help him take down an arms dealer who he failed to arrest while with the FBI. He marries Echo but soon discovers that she is spying on him. Ballard steps in to save her and they manage to catch Martin dealing weapons. Back at the Dollhouse, Dr Saunders is coming to terms with the realisation that her personality was manufactured by Topher. She tries to torment him but he explains that he made her to always question him with no ulterior motive other than to look after the Actives. Boyd asks her out and encourages her to leave the Dollhouse. Victor’s scars are healing after expensive surgery.
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2 Instinct Echo is programmed to be the mother to the child o...
Echo is programmed to be the mother to the child of a man called Nate Jordan. Topher actually triggers lactation and a strong mothering instinct in her. She becomes suspicious of Nate’s behaviour and the strange men in the van outside. She ends up in a police station reporting Nate for trying to kill her. Ballard comes to take her back to the Dollhouse and Topher wipes her. But although the memories are gone, the instinct remains and Echo returns to protect her baby. Meanwhile Adelle calls on Madeline (November) for a diagnostic and Senator Perrin finds more information on Rossum.
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3 Belle Chose The Dollhouse becomes temporary residence to psych...
The Dollhouse becomes temporary residence to psychotic neglected son Terry. His uncle Bradley is a Rossum donor and has brought Terry in to see if Topher can help him out. Terry is put into Victor’s body and Paul interrogates him to find out where the women he abducted are. Terry escapes as Victor prompting Topher to perform a remote wipe. The wipe only succeeds in swapping Echo and Victor’s personalities. Now in Echo, Terry heads to his hideout and tries to further torment the abducted women until help arrives to save them.
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4 Belonging We learn how Priya, an Aussie artist, came to the ...
We learn how Priya, an Aussie artist, came to the attention of PHD extraordinaire Nolan Kennard. When she refused all of his advances he used anti-psychotic medication to make her appear insane and had her sent to the Dollhouse. She became Sierra and is now painting disturbing pictures of Nolan’s influence which catch Echo’s eye. Echo reports this to Topher who begins to investigate. When Adelle learns the truth Rossum higher up Mr Harding orders her to send Sierra to Nolan. Topher gives Priya her personality back and she stabs Nolan to death. Boyd instructs her and Topher how to dispose of Nolan’s body and fake that he disappeared. Boyd confronts Echo about her developing personality but she warns him that a storm is coming.
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5 The Public Eye Madeline agrees to testify for Senator Perrin agai...
Madeline agrees to testify for Senator Perrin against the Rossum corporation. Adelle is suspicious when one of her superiors tells her to let Perrin go ahead with his hearings against them. Suspicious that Perrin’s wife is a doll, Ballard is sent to retrieve her and Madeline from a safe house. Meanwhile Echo poses as an escort to try and blackmail Perrin into backing off. Perrin takes Echo to the safe house and we learn that it is he who is a doll. Ballard escapes and catches up to Madeline but she insists on testifying. Echo and Perrin are taken to the D.C. Dollhouse and meet Bennett Halverson, who knew Caroline.
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6 The Left Hand Adelle and Topher head to Washington to try and sc...
Adelle and Topher head to Washington to try and scan Perrin’s brain and find out what Rossum’s plans are. Topher and Bennett flirt while he establishes a link back to the L.A. Dollhouse where he has uploaded his personality into Victor. Bennett allows Perrin and Echo to escape and then programmes Perrin to kill her. Perrin kills his wife and Echo tries to convince him to escape with her. But instead he heads to the Senate hearings and clears Rossum of wrongdoing. Echo is out in the world alone and Madeline is sent to the D.C. Dollhouse to be re-programmed.
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7 Meet Jane Doe Echo makes her way to Texas and seeks Ballard’s ...
Echo makes her way to Texas and seeks Ballard’s help in avoiding Adelle. She begins planning on how to break an innocent Hispanic woman out of prison. With some help from Boyd they use this as a trial run for when they break people out of the Dollhouse. Meanwhile Harding begins to undercut Adelle’s authority and goes straight to Topher with new tech ideas. Armed with greater resources Topher develops the technology for a remote wipe. But he realises that it is part of a device designed to imprint anyone, regardless of whether they are dolls. Adelle uses this information to make Harding think she is playing ball and regain control of “her” house.
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8 A Love Supreme Alpha begins killing all of Echo’s former lovers...
Alpha begins killing all of Echo’s former lovers. He hired Sierra to carry a signal back into the chair. Adelle wipes all the actives as a matter of protocol. Joel Mynor is brought into the Dollhouse for his own protection but Alpha finds a way in anyway. He then activates a new programme in all the Dolls so that they begin killing their handlers. Alpha reveals his true target is Ballard and he wants to know why Echo loves him. He takes on Paul’s personality and leaves him brain dead.
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9 Stop-Loss Victor is released from the Dollhouse and his orig...
Victor is released from the Dollhouse and his original personality of ex-army sergeant Anthony Ceccoli is restored. He is recruited by Rossum’s military wing and installed in a new unit who use Dollhouse architecture to create a neural link allowing the unit to think as one. Boyd and Echo track him down and take Sierra to help pull him out of the group think. Echo plugs herself into the group mind and manages to dissolve the unit. She tries to set Victor and Sierra free but Adelle stops them and sends them all to the attic.
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10 The Attic Echo learns how the attic operates, its prisoners ...
Echo learns how the attic operates, its prisoners trapped in an eternal nightmare. She meets Laurence Dominic who is busy fighting a mysterious man named Arcane who keeps killing people. They track him to Victor and Sierra’s minds and capture him. He turns out to be Clyde, the original creator of active technology and founder of Rossum. He explains that the Attic is Rossum’s computer, using human brains as processors. Echo works out a way to escape and return to Adelle. Meanwhile Topher installs active architecture in Paul’s head in order to imprint his personality and revive him.
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11 Getting Closer Caroline’s imprint is missing and so Topher need...
Caroline’s imprint is missing and so Topher needs Bennett’s help to reconstruct her personality from a damaged backup. They abduct Madeline along with Bennett and bring them to L.A. Dr Saunders returns having been living with Boyd. Ambrose comes to relieve Adelle of her duties so Boyd kills him but gets shot in the process. Adelle releases all the actives and Echo tells Sierra and Victor to leave. Saunders kills Bennett but Topher completes the imprint anyway and loads it into Echo just as the Dollhouse is attacked by Rossum security.
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12 The Hollow Man Boyd drugs Caroline so she won’t reveal his iden...
Boyd drugs Caroline so she won’t reveal his identity and he insists they all head to Tucson. They walk in the front door and are locked up by Saunders whose body is now inhabited by Clyde Randplph. Boyd breaks them out of their cell and leads Topher to a room where they are weaponising his tech. Topher helps finish the weapon and then the truth about Boyd is revealed by Caroline. Mellie and Paul are about to damage the mainframe when Boyd activates her sleeper protocol and she kills herself to save Paul. Eventually Victor and Sierra arrive to save the day and Topher wipes Boyd. Caroline leaves him to blow himself and Rossum’s lab to pieces. But ten years later the apocalypse has still come.
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13 Epitaph Two Return Mag, Zone and child Caroline are captured and take...
Mag, Zone and child Caroline are captured and taken to Neuropolis, formerly Tuscon where Rossum maintains control. Paul and Echo break them out and rescue Topher and take them to safe haven. There Adelle and Sierra (and son Tony) live in relative peace. Victor answers Echo’s calls bringing his tech-head friends with him. Topher has a plan to reverse all the wipes and restore everyone’s original personality but needs to return to the Dollhouse to achieve it. On the way back Paul is killed. Once inside they find Alpha who is using the space to save those who have lost their personality. Topher sacrifices himself to save the world.
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