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Episode 3 - What's Eating Dexter Morgan?

15 July 2013

The writers have always skirted the issue of how Dexter is both emotionless and capable of loving others. I don't know if they really have an answer. But those suggested by Dr Vogel here are the most convincing I've heard so far. Dexter takes pleasure from his relationship with Deb. She is a source of comfort and support, a part of the routine that helps him maintain a normal life. So his determination to help her is motivated to a large degree by what she provides him. Deb is almost taken in by his attempt to show her the good things she's done. But her brush with a wife in denial shakes her back into her depressed state and she drunkenly confesses all. I liked both these developments.

Dexter spends each season trying to understand himself and his place in the world. Often the contrast he presents to more disturbing serial killers convinces him of his own goodness. But now that he has destroyed Deb he is forced to look at himself as the source of misery that he is. Meanwhile Deb reaches a point where she can't live with the lies anymore only to be betrayed by her own loyalty to her brother. If she hadn't defended him so stubbornly over the years perhaps Quinn wouldn't have repeatedly turned to Dexter.

I don't know if Quinn is just a catalyst to get Deb from A to B or if he is being set up to play Hank to Dexter's Walt. His lingering feelings for her could finally make good use of his character. But that assumes the point of this season is to somehow cast Dexter as the bad guy. Dr Vogel seems to be removing the veneer of goodness that he's spent seasons building up. But the tone of the show has always been to present Dexter as a super hero rather than a villain. The way he dispatches the cartoony cannibal here once more suggests that Miami is better off with Dexter around. I've never thought that would be a satisfying conclusion but we shall see.

The way we saw Vogel's point of view on the delivery of more brain parts seems to remove the possibility that she is setting all this in motion.



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  • Good point about the finger.

    Posted by The TV Critic, 17/07/2013 1:29am (7 years ago)

  • I agree, it`s definitely more interesting seeing Dexter as the hunted. We`ve seen him being the hunter so much it`s so formulaic. Yes, it was very cartoony with the cannibal. I found it a strange move to make Dexter have a look of shock/horror on his face when he saw the finger in the cannibal`s stew, as if he isn`t immune to seeing body parts! If that was a move on the writers`part to reinforce that he can be sensitive it seems the wrong place to do it seeing he kills people on a regular basis with no remorse.

    Posted by Kay, 16/07/2013 11:30pm (7 years ago)

  • Hey Robin, I`m glad it looks like the theory that Vogel is the serial killer seems to be ruled out now. It might have been ok but was just picturing another awful `twist`like the season 6 Gellar fiasco.

    I quite enjoyed this episode. I really liked the confession, though I was spoiled as I watched the promo before the season came out (never learn). Still it was a great confession. I liked it when Quinn stopped Deb from shouting out that she killed La Guerta and glad they gave him a good role. I was thinking of a Walt/Hank situation too, or even since Quinn was covering, a Walt/Saul situation - Quinn seems crooked enough and might look the other way since Deb is involved too.

    Viewer score: 70 / 100

    Posted by Kay, 15/07/2013 9:17pm (7 years ago)

  • I had the same thought regarding Quinn. At last his character may be redeemed.

    I am also glad Vogel apparently is not actually in on it. Her end game remains a mystery.

    I didn't catch whether the paper Deb was writing was left behind when she 'passed out'.

    I do hope Quinn's detective instincts rise to the occasion.

    I am more interested in Dexter as the hunted than the hunter. The 'cannibal' was way too cartoonish, and the only real downside to an otherwise interesting episode.

    Viewer score: 70 / 100

    Posted by Yogabon, 15/07/2013 8:08pm (7 years ago)

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