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Episode 5 - This Little Piggy

29 July 2013

Where was Deb meant to be emotionally at the end of this? Has she just accepted that Dexter is her family and she's cool with him killing bad guys? Although she had moments of encouraging that last season it never seemed like she was totally comfortable. Here she goes from wanting to kill him and herself to apparently smiling about life by episodes end. Obviously I'm not happy with that but perhaps she is meant to be more conflicted than she appeared.

There was no tension in any of the Yates scenes. The fact that we are still dealing with generic serial killers who possess no sense of consequence is a drag. I hoped this final season would have a firm direction but nothing has emerged yet. I love how Matthews learnt nothing from years of politiking and is still protecting rich, guilty people and putting pressure on his officers in less than subtle ways. I suppose Quinn is going to take exception to this corruption. And given how the Hamilton's son randomly accosted Dexter I assume that relationship has only just begun.

I am trying to care but Dexter isn't making it easy. I see no evidence so far that the conclusion to this show is going to be anything other than disappointing. The Masouka plot for example seems set up for the most banal version of "you spied on me" - "I want nothing to do with you" - "Let me make it up to you" - "I love you Daddy" stuff. We deserve better than this.



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  • Further to my previous comment, I`m wondering what this season would be like if Dr Vogel was just who she said she was, a specialist in serial killers, nothing more. It would be interesting to have her work with Miami Metro and Dexter have to evade her and have her on to him and have some real stakes for this season.

    Posted by Kay, 30/07/2013 8:38pm (7 years ago)

  • Also, what was the theme of this episode? Might it have been "family?" I couldn't tell.

    Posted by Brando, 29/07/2013 4:21pm (7 years ago)

  • I swear this is supposed to be the last season, but it definitely feels like business as usual for this show.

    Not much to say on this episode, other than that. Like Bon mentions, the stakes are far too low so there is no dramatic weight in anything at all right now.

    Posted by Brando, 29/07/2013 3:42pm (7 years ago)

  • One of things I loved about Dexter was how he tried to appear normal to the world yet was bewildered about how do it.

    The unconventional Dr Vogel manages to bring Dex and Deb back together as a family. And they're bonding now over how to appear normal.

    Using a curtain rod through a mattress and a box spring was a interesting take on his usual kill style. I just imagine the strength it would take to push it through and it's hard to hold my suspension of disbelief.

    This highlights a significant problem with this season; Killing and getting away with it are far too easy, the stakes are low and therefore don't carry as much dramatic weight.

    Viewer score: 62 / 100

    Posted by Yogabon, 29/07/2013 3:37am (7 years ago)

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