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Episode 4 - Scar Tissue

28 July 2013

This was Dexter at its hand holding worst.

Deb wonders if she really is a good person who made the same decisions that her Father would have. Then she sees a DVD where her Father explicitly says that he regrets giving Dexter the Code and can't live with himself.

Dexter wonders if fellow serial killer Yates is like him when he sees a birthday present intended for Yates' Dad. But then when he uses the ill father to lure Yates to the nursing home he gets concrete proof that Yates has little love for his family.

Along with those irritatingly direct examples we had Harry literally saying he couldn't live with himself for creating Dexter (before killing himself). We had Dexter blundering into Yates' house twice without checking whether anyone was at home first. Then later he drops a victim off at the ER without the slightest worry that anyone will see him or his number plate. Even Deb agreeing to stay under Vogel's care seemed farfetched even if I can imagine her appreciating therapy from someone who knows the truth.

I did like the dreamy close ups of Deb and Dexter as she prepared to kill them both but her plan was immediately undermined by the relatively shallow lake she chose to dump them in. Again it was so blatantly not what the character would do (don't you think Deb would have shot them both?) but designed simply to hold our hand and show us "look Deb can't actually kill him even when she comes this close." Dexter "firing" Vogel wasn't the least bit convincing because we know Vogel must either die or outlive Dexter this season and frankly what did he expect from a psychoanalyst (that's an appropriate title) other than a raft of notes?

Masouka and his daughter having the same laugh was pretty dumb and it's hard to care at all about his character. Quinn still seems into Deb and yet going round and round in circles with Jamie.



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  • Completely agree with you, Brando. The show has no urgency and considering its the final season I would expect to feel dread, excitement and anticipation to see what happens but all Im getting is the same feeling I did watching, say, season 3. There is no real sense of the writers wrapping things up or urgency. I cant help comparing to Breaking Bad either, but I can say just from the previews I feel more excitement for its final season. I think Dexter just went on for too long and the formula it uses can only be thrilling for a short time before getting old. That is exactly right about them putting only the bare minimum of excitement to keep you interested all season apart for the last two episodes! The show is still watchable and it has redeemed itself quite a bit since season 6 and I thought they did some pretty good episodes last season. I was sure they were going to drag it out with Deb actually realising Dexter was a serial killer (thought they would go down the track of making her think he had just killed one person in self defence), so was pleasantly surprised at that.

    Dexter is way too cuddly and nice for my liking too seeing he is a serial killer and it does seem the writers are going to have a warm fuzzy ending.

    This episode again was watchable and I didnt have any major gripes but after reading your review, Robin, I see some things that now annoy me more. The shallow lake being one of them, also I agree with the `hand holding`. Deb driving into the lake did seem like a blatant attempt to keep viewers interested but with no real leadup or payoff, similar to her walking in on Dexter killing Travis at the end of season 6, it was a cheap thrill.

    On an unrelated note, I always thought that Rita should have found out about Dexter being a serial killer. The writers even used to hint at it and I was looking forward to her finding out at some point. Since she had been married to a drug dealer before and was a sweet, innocent and naive character she would have been mortified to find that out and I think they wasted a good storyline. She could have still died in the same way later on.

    Viewer score: 55 / 100

    Posted by Kay, 27/07/2013 5:57pm (7 years ago)

  • Good, Strong beginning. Loved the Container metaphor as it's appeared in all seasons. This time Deb is the focus. All was great until the show literal went off the road with the car. Yea, I get the great rebirth metaphor but the scene was telegraphed to clearly and not handled with that well. Where on earth did the initial rescuer go? Did I miss Deb at least telling him to go for help? It seemed weird she'd need rescuing and then immediately be strong enough to dive in for Dex?

    Viewer score: 72 / 100

    Posted by Yogabon, 24/07/2013 2:08pm (7 years ago)

  • Also, at this stage in the game, what's the point of introducing a possible love interest for Dexter? This, to me, only screams of setup for something:

    1) She will die (by Dexter's hands? Hannah? Brain Surgeon?)
    2) She is not all she seems to be (Actually a killer? cop? stalker? we've seen it all before)

    I actually lean toward #1 in this case. I think she's only being set up to be collateral damage in some way. I can't possibly look at her as a real love interest. Especially with only 8 more episodes to go. I suppose this is what I mean when I say this show has no urgency. It seemingly spends a lot of time on threads that aren't at the real core of what is (or should be) going on.

    Posted by Brando, 23/07/2013 3:19pm (7 years ago)

  • Not a terrible episode, but not quite as good as the first and third eps of this season.

    I can't help but feel Dexter, as a show, still lacks the urgency of a real edge of your seat thriller like a Breaking Bad. The pattern with Dexter seems to be - entertain and have minor developments for 10 episodes (enough to keep you thinking the next episode may really be riveting and exciting), but really only ramp it up for the final 2 episodes.

    I'm not as sour on Dexter as I have been in the past, but I also don't expect as much out of it. I'm sticking through til the end on this one. I still find it an entirely watchable show, I just don't have that same feeling of anticipation, excitement or even dread I feel like I should for it being the final season.

    I guess that's why I compare it to Breaking Bad. Both are on their final seasons dealing with dark characters who have gotten everyone they care about mixed into their darkness. With Breaking Bad, I am almost dreading the final season. Dreading because you know there will be deep and brutal consequences for the main characters path of darkness. I have no idea how either show will end and maybe it's unfair to compare the two in this way. When I look at it from a bird's eye view, though, I expect Dexter to have something of a "happy" or at least bittersweet ending. Dexter has been turned into a hero and I feel as though the show really wants him to be viewed as such. I feel differently about Breaking Bad. It's right there in the title. Walt is bad and has embraced some very dark evil within himself. Maybe some characters will have shining, hopeful or heroic moments. Walt may even have mini-redemptions showing he's not ALL bad, but I expect the show to be very heavy on the impact, darkness and sadness true to the reality of the characters and stories that have been created. I just don't see Dexter's final season breaking that way, though.

    Posted by Brando, 23/07/2013 3:13pm (7 years ago)

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