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Episode 9 - Make Your Own Kind of Music

27 August 2013

I’m getting tired of watching Dexter. It’s become a grind to watch the paint by numbers presentation of everything. Nothing feels real anymore the various twitches of Deb’s face.

The silly back story of Vogel’s son was eye rolling. This woman knows nothing about psychopaths. The fact that she is coddling Daniel by episodes end makes no sense. Does she really think she can get through to him? Her track record suggests she only encourages killers to keep killing.

As for Dexter, now that he has decided to run away with Hannah it feels pretty nailed on that she will be dead in two or three episodes time. But it won’t matter because Hannah has a back-story as silly as Daniels and isn’t someone we care about.

Other things that annoyed me:

-          Wow that’s some great software Dexter has!

-          The Marshall questions Hannah’s friend with Dexter in the room? Surely that wouldn’t happen. Surely he would be more suspicious of Dexter. How are they not quizzing Hannah’s husbands crew and family more? He married an escaped criminal. Is that even legal?

-          Quinn kisses Deb and then acts like he didn’t know where that came from and then she blows it off too. That was unconvincing from both characters’ povs. He pretty much knows he's still in love with her and she should be way over him by now.

-          Dexter takes one soda can out of the trash to test. What if that was someone else’s you idiot!? Take something else.

-          Harrison says he wishes Hannah could be his mom. Would a kid really ever say that? I suppose he might to be fair. But the “tension” where the Marshall asks him about his picture was really dumb. Why didn’t Dexter stop that conversation when he could clearly see where it was going?

-          Silly me. This is the same Dexter who stands outside the cafe’s large windows while Daniel sits inside. That was a moment that made it crystal clear that the producers care far more about framing a shot than they do about any kind of internal logic.

-          Why would Daniel march straight into that cafe anyway? He’s been incredibly stealthy so far and now blunders straight in.

-          WTF does Dexter do for Miami Metro? He is never at work and when he is he is searching for information for his own kills. It’s as if the only thing he does is test blood from murder investigations. But there’s no way a lab technician would only be asked to do that. He should have a load of work from other departments.



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  • When I was watching I didn`t mind this episode so much apart from it was very irritating seeing Dexter becoming a regular guy in love! What a direction to go in! As if we can`t see that anywhere else on TV; not exactly why viewers turn in to see a serial killer. But after reading the comments I realise it was another crap episode. What a waste of a show. The comments are very entertaining even if the show isn`t :)

    Posted by Kay, 02/09/2013 4:57am (7 years ago)

  • It was good the two photos showed roughly the same facial expression and roughly the same angle etc etc. It's just so casual.

    Posted by The TV Critic, 27/08/2013 8:42pm (7 years ago)

  • Oh, and!

    Another craptastic episode. I did like seeing Lem from The Shield making an appearance as the marshal. Unfortunately, I think his casting was the episode highlight for me...

    The preview for the final 3 episodes is not promising.

    Viewer score: 30 / 100

    Posted by Romit, 27/08/2013 8:41pm (7 years ago)

  • I did a course on biometrics in my final year at university and the facial recognition part of the software that Dexter has is actually just about spot on.

    We played around with similar software in that class. We took our own mug shots and the software rendered 3-dimensional images of our heads. We could then take a photograph and compare it to the rendered models. It would tell you if it's a computational match or not. You could also do things like remove your hair, change your ethnicity and it would adjust your features accordingly. It wasn't perfect, but I'd imagine that there is software that would do the aging thing that Dexter's software did. In fact, what we used might have been able to do that as well - though I can't remember if that was there or not.

    The aging looked imperfect enough, so I actually don't have a major issue with it. I had more of an issue with him putting two and two together as quickly as he did.

    Posted by Romit, 27/08/2013 8:38pm (7 years ago)

  • Can't rate this anymore, just can't. So now we learn Dr Vogel really is the mother of a serial killer. It's so late in the game it's like a Hail Mary, as I understand the term.

    Dexter as a regular old dumb guy in love? That's a shallow end for a character that had so much promise.

    So sorry to see this show stumble so blatantly into less than was.

    Posted by Yogabon, 27/08/2013 1:57am (7 years ago)

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