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Episode 7 - Dress Code

15 August 2013

I didn’t buy into the Dexter-Hannah relationship last season so you can imagine how I responded to this. For two such disturbed people it bothers me that the actors play their affection with the same tone they would if they were regular people. They just don’t feel like two lost souls who are delirious to have found one another.

It didn’t help that Hannah’s story was silly. Escaping from prison is one thing but then she marches around Miami with her new husband. Isn’t she worried about being seen? The husband was a worse character than her father (710). Dexter specialises in characters who are so clearly designed to be hateful that you roll your eyes at the laziness of the manipulation.

If we are meant to believe that Dexter loves Hannah then I didn’t think the focus was quite right. Maybe he doesn’t prioritise that love but I felt like he should have come right out and told her that he wanted to be with her again. Instead Zach kept distracting him. It doesn’t look like we’ll ever spend enough time with the latter to feel invested in his story. I feel like he’s already become a prop in whatever final conclusion Dexter will reach.

The Masouka story really annoyed me here. I accept that Dexter is a lazy manipulative show but I didn’t want to see Nikki's breasts. As soon as that happened she stopped being a character and became a kind of fan service that I don’t appreciate. On shows like Spartacus and Game of Thrones the nudity of extras or minor characters is easy to ignore because their characterisation is largely irrelevant. But to introduce a girl with an emotional story and then make it clear that she is eye candy pure and simple irritated me. Is anyone watching Dexter for nudity?



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  • I watched this immediately after watching the new Breaking Bad. The drop in quality was almost jarring. From now on, I'm watching Dexter first so that I at least have a chance of enjoying it!

    Viewer score: 35 / 100

    Posted by Romit, 15/08/2013 4:42am (7 years ago)

  • I'm not even sure what to rate these episodes anymore.
    It's not as bad as last season but it isn't the show it once was. I was even more put off by Quinn and Matsuka's story lines than before. Although the rich Young sociopath was amusing in his confrontation with Miami PD and his 'doing as he was told' for Dexter's spying Trip on Hannah. Hannah was almost believable as being in Love with Dexter but everything else..? I'm still struggling with the ease with which Dexter disposed of a Billionare's body. His decision to help her instead of the boy cost another innocent her life. The neighbor was even kinda charming bonding with Deb of the 'unreadable' Dexter, but Showtime gave a huge tell about her fate in the previews, which spoiled any tension her fate could have had. I miss the earlier seasons more than ever.

    Viewer score: 50 / 100

    Posted by Yogabon, 13/08/2013 1:27am (7 years ago)

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