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Episode 6 - A Little Reflection

8 August 2013

Credit STARZ

I like the Zach Hamilton story on paper. Every season Dexter has come across someone that he thinks may be just like him only to realise his own uniqueness. There's definitely logic in the final season having that person be a younger version of our protagonist. The execution was basic. Zach's performance and the accompanying story was exactly what you would expect. As usual I would find it all more interesting if the writers had made this a show about psychopaths rather than a police procedural.

If you step out of the show's formula then Dr Vogel is clearly a dangerous person. To encourage anyone with murderous tendencies to continue their craft is deeply unethical and stupid. Perhaps the season will end with Dexter once again seeing that only he can walk that line and strapping her to his table. But right now she is playing the role of his mother (and Deb's in a way) so is presented in a sort of benign way.  

The return of Hannah doesn't make me excited. I didn't think the writing or the performance made for an interesting character and I'm not sure how she will interfere in developments here. At least her appearance marks the beginning of the end. This was a slow paced episode (which was fine) and it feels like we will now rev toward the finish line.

I love just how dumb they made Quinn look. He abandons his attempt to look like a good detective the second his girlfriend calls. Then he spots Dexter. Quinn spent one season stalking him and hinted earlier in this episode that he knows Dexter has darkness in his past. So what does he do? He jokes with Dexter, assuming that he is trying to "play" detective and drives off. Wow, someone should tell Batista about that, it would make him feel a lot better about his decision.

We all knew Elway would fall for Deb because men always do. Again this was a very basic and predictable way for that to play out. At least Deb recognised it. I know it wasn't a hard prediction to make but I would like to point out that the Masouka plot has so far gone almost word for word how I said it would.



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  • Robin, I could not have put that better myself about the Dexter/Quinn scene. It is hilarious that Quinn now longer suspects Quinn in the slightest and in that scene he made some remark to get the audience to think he was perhaps going to question Dexter`s motives/what Dex was doing but then he just winks and makes a lame joke (from memory, it was something ludicrous like that which happened).

    Agree Yogabon about the work they are giving Michael C Hall, it`s an insult to his acting abilities. Bet he is just saying to himself `think of the money`at this stage. And that is a good point about the restaurant scenes, Romit.

    I`m watching out of curiosity now and to read the reviews and comments, which is proving more interesting than the episodes.

    Posted by Kay, 10/08/2013 9:45am (7 years ago)

  • I actually liked the scenes of Dexter with Zach on his table. Dexter always worked better for me when he is evaluating his world view and himself against the person he's dealing with.

    Same for his reminiscing steak dinner with Deb.

    Mr Hall is a wonderful actor but the devil is in the details and the writers are straining the credulity of careful viewers with the careless handling of a truly interesting character.

    Viewer score: 50 / 100

    Posted by Yogabon, 08/08/2013 1:55am (7 years ago)

  • Another dumb episode. I've given up all hope for a satisfying ending.

    It really is a shame that Dexter has always stuck to the formula of killing off their good Big Bads.

    Imagine a final season with Dexter facing enemies from his past, like Brian, Trinity or Isaac Sirco.

    Sirco in particularly could have left the country last year and then suddenly showed up now instead of Hannah. Now *that* would have been menacing.

    As for Miami Metro, does anyone really care about nonsense like Masuka's daughter or the sergeant sweepstakes? Deb is off the force and Dexter hardly even interacts with his co-workers, so it all just seems like filler - even more so than usual.

    I don't understand why Matthews is so insistent on promoting Det. Miller (who finally has a name!).

    Ii would be one thing if he were interested in competence, or perhaps wanted to kiss up to minority groups, but now that we know he's back to using the force to protect rich friends you'd think a corrupt stooge like Quinn would be ideal. Quinn would look the other way and Matthews could easily pay him off or blackmail him.

    Why would Matthews want a seemingly honest person at sergeant, especially a minority woman who could easily raise hell if he tried to manipulate her?

    With LaGuerta we knew she was just as shady and Matthews and it's certainly too late to suddenly try to present Miller, who was essentially an extra a few episodes ago, as somehow corrupt.

    Viewer score: 42 / 100

    Posted by Perd Vert, 07/08/2013 4:23am (7 years ago)

  • This show can be hilariously bad at times.

    As an example...

    Dexter is going to Sophia's workplace. As he's driving into the parking lot, he spots Hamilton (that was easy!). He parks, and in his side view mirror he spots Quinn (that was easy! also he really needs to adjust that mirror because it isn't awfully helpful unless looking for Quinn in second story restaurants).

    But think about this scene for a second. Quinn is keeping tabs on this kid. Quinn is inside a restaurant, sitting down. The kid is in a CAR. Why is Quinn not in a car as well?

    I just don't understand how Dexter is better at police work than the detectives in this show.

    Viewer score: 40 / 100

    Posted by Romit, 06/08/2013 6:21am (7 years ago)

  • If you just tuned into this episode or any this season and thought it was just any normal episode of Dexter, not one in the final season, you would be forgiven. There is no sense of wrapping up or urgency. Lots of scenes with background characters for filler which made the episode drag. The writers have run out of ideas. Sorry to compare to Breaking Bad again but I`ve only seen very short promos for the last season of BB and just from them I`m sure they are going to be hitting the ground running from episode 1.

    I thought I had posted this last wee but it didn`t go through: There doesn`t seem to be anyone on Dexter`s tail in the slightest so I very much doubt he is going to get caught or exposed to his colleagues, which is really disappointing. For all those scenes we have seen all through the series focusing on the background characters which have just been filling in time, if they are not rewarded by these characters finding out about Dexter then it has been a waste of time watching any scene apart from Dex/Deb. These characters don`t work on their own and need to be tied in to Dexter to make it worthwhile. There really seems to be a `life goes on`vibe this season and the writers are trying to paint Dexter as a good guy so I very much doubt he is going to get caught or even die. I don`t need these things to necessarily happen but there has to be some kind of payoff, such as his colleagues finding out, to make the whole viewing experience worthwhile. Especially since they are the police working against serial killers and would look stupid for not noticing their colleague was a serial killer. If at least something big doesn`t happen in this show I`ll be thinking ok, he was a serial killer, but so what?

    Viewer score: 50 / 100

    Posted by Kay, 05/08/2013 3:28pm (7 years ago)

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