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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a drama about a young girl who inherits the powers to fight the demons that threaten the Earth. She lives in Sunnydale, California which happens to be the Hellmouth and must learn to master her powers while also trying to have some semblance of a normal life. The WB 1997 - 2001. UPN 2002-03.


Episode 12 - Bad Eggs

7 February 2013

Synopsis: While at the mall with her mom Buffy runs into a vampire called Lyle Gorch. She and Angel make out a lot while hunting for Lyle and his brother Tector. They stalk Buffy while she takes care of her 'child.' The child is an egg which the students are given to teach them about the responsibilities that come with parenthood. The eggs hatch and little creatures called Bezoar's appear and take over the mind of humans. Only Buffy and Xander avoid this fate and they have to stop the mother Bezoar from giving birth to a whole litter while the Gorch brothers make their play.You wanna mess with me?

The Good: The character stuff was typically strong with Xander and Cordelia continuing their makeout sessions with interesting and amusing consequences. Angel and Buffy are sickly sweet too but they do briefly discuss their future or lack of it. We also get to see Joyce's point of view and the way Buffy deals with her secret identity at home.

I liked the opening scene. It was nice to see the Sunnydale Mall and change scenery. Lyle Gorch's lack of reflection on the escalator was a clever way of catching Buffy's eye too. It was also clever to have Xander hard boil his egg (as a cheat) to allow him to avoid his Bezoar.

The Bad: There were two threats in this episode and they were written backwards. The Gorch brothers received a thorough introduction and two scenes to establish their dynamic and yet they were the side show. The Bezoar's were the real threat and yet we didn't know what they were up to until the last few minutes. With no sense of what threat they posed there was no tension or intrigue in the shaking eggs. When we finally saw the mother hatching her babies Buffy jumped into a hole and killed her. That was it. It all felt very half assed.

The Unknown: After nearly being arrested for murder last episode, it was odd to see Buffy kicking and punching her classmates and teachers around. I'm sure she was holding back though.

If we see Kyle Gorch again then perhaps this characterisation might pay off. I doubt it though as he was something of a cartoon cowboy.  

Best Moment: I thought the opening scene was good.

The Bottom Line: This was as forgettable an episode of Buffy as I can remember.



Cordia's Second Look
Bad Eggs
Season 2, Episode 12
Original airing: 1/12/98

My Rating: 50

The Meh: This episode doesn't really stand out in a good or bad way. The story is decent and yet another monster take on a classic teenage issues: teen sex and pregnancy. It doesn't really have any major plot wholes and the monster of the week is fine. Joyce is used again as a plot device and is showcased as the frustrated parent with an unruly child. But she is overly tough on Buffy in this episode considering what just happened in Ted (S2E11).

The Gorch brothers are moderately amusing sub-villains. They don't do too much except distract Buffy now and then, but it was fun to see the Mother Bezoar eat Hector.

Favorite Moment: Buffy showcases her uber-Slaying side when she hacks the mother bezoar into pieces and climbs out of her whole covered in black monster blood.

The Bottom Line: This is another Monster-of-the-Week episode, but it wasn't unwatchable. I'm just ready for more Spike now, please.



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