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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a drama about Walter White, a chemistry professor who is diagnosed with lung cancer. He enlists the help of his former student Jesse Pinkman to manufacture and sell methamphetamine. AMC 2008-???


Episode 6 - Sunset

27 March 2015

Credit AMC

Synopsis: The Cousins sit in Los Pollos until Gus agrees to meet with them. Walt buys a new apartment and is excited to go to work. There he meets his new lab partner Gale Boetticher who he likes very much. Jesse recruits Skinny Pete and Badger to begin dealing meth but Hank is watching him. When Hank calls Walt for clues about the RV Walt spins into action. He gathers the RV from Badger’s cousin’s yard and takes it to a scrap yard to be destroyed. However Badger calls Jesse who leads Hank right to them.

The Good: The teaser sequence was typically striking with a self explanatory scenario as a police officer discovers where the Cousins have been staying and suffers brutal consequences.

Walt’s first day at work (and before that) was a joy to behold. First he buys a new apartment, show-furniture and all, with the utterly self assured comment “Name one thing in this world that is not negotiable.” Not only does he have money to burn and a provider roll he is proud of but he is excited to go to his new job. He takes care with his clothes and lunch and is excited to blend the two sides of his life by turning up for a professional day’s work at a meth lab.

Once there he meets Gale and it looks like a beautiful friendship is born. David Costabile is so good in the role, looking every inch the geeky scientist who would admire Walt’s genius. He too is thrilled to be at work and sums up their professional joy by saying that in the lab chemistry is still “magical.” Inside the lab they can both forget about what their creations do to people (playing chess and eagerly trading secrets). Gale has his libertarian and utilitarian (at least my product is clean) arguments in place but it is Walt who breaks my heart when he tastes Gale’s special coffee only to ask “Why the hell are we cooking meth?” Exactly Walt, exactly.

The trail of crumbs which led Hank to Jesse and Jesse to the scrap yard were all neatly placed. Hank remains obsessed with the Heisenberg case and naturally Marie suggests he asks Walt about his former drug dealer. The whole sequence which followed was tense and expertly scripted. Hank is like a shark as he smells blood all over the RV while Walt squirms desperately inside. It was pretty emotive to see Walt clinging onto the door for dear life, his new happiness hangs by the thinnest threads. The scrap yard owner knows his “probable cause” and has clearly talked away the police before. It was really interesting to see Hank match wits with Walt without knowing it as Walt instructed Jesse what to say. Of course Jesse had to add “bitch” to the sentence much to Walt’s bemusement. The use of Marie to pull Hank away was suitably ruthless and the effects used to take us from Hank’s silent distress to the sound of his ringtone breaking the spell was quite brilliant.

The way Jesse was able to turn Skinny Pete and Badger back to drug dealing (after the death of Combo) shows just how easy it is for drug dealing to self perpetuate. Jesse once more tried to learn the lessons of “4 Days Out” with his suggestion for an alarm to tell you if the keys are in the ignition while later Walt sees more Funyuns in the RV just as he complained about back then (209). Hank was also able to connect Badger to Jesse (208) which only confirmed his suspicions about the connection with Heisenberg. I smiled at Saul’s unhelpful comment that even the Starship Enterprise had a self destruct button.

The Bad: The only complaint I have is that Walt and Jesse should both have fled as soon as Hank was gone. Standing around to watch the RV be destroyed was understandable from a “look how far we’ve come” point of view but wasn’t very logical.

The Unknown: The Marie scam did also rely on a lot of luck. Had Marie called at a different time or been ill that day or anything else that would have tipped Hank off then he might have called her cell or otherwise have been suspicious at the timing of it all. I hope next episode he is able to ask some serious questions to the scrap yard owner. Surely he’s got enough evidence to charge him with obstruction of justice?

Best Moment: The RV standoff was always going to lack a little tension given that we are mid-season and it feels unlikely that Walt or Jesse are about to be arrested. Instead Walt’s time with Gale was really enjoyable to watch as we saw two men who should clearly be cooking up good things for humanity instead using their gifts for a damaging criminal enterprise. The poignancy of their gentle bonding over this dark subject was well drawn.

The Bottom Line: To cap off an excellent episode Gus directs the cousins at Hank. Could this be the end of Hank? He’s so close to uncovering the truth that it would seem fitting that Walt gets to stay free while his family is plunged into tragedy.



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  • OOG best ep ever,I hate this kind of stuff but this is so well thought out u just can't get enough.......

    Viewer score: 95 / 100

    Posted by Sue. Armstrong, 26/03/2015 12:46pm (5 years ago)

  • This is one of my favourites too. Breaking Bad don`t often have episodes like this where it is so tense you don`t know how they will get out of a situation, but when they do they work. Sometimes having a slow narrative leads to a pay off.

    It was well set up with Hank discovering the owner of the RV and being on to Jesse and then following him. Loved how it temporarily brings Walt and Jesse together and they work as a team. From a season 5 perspective they also reunite after a big falling out and work together at the end of season 4. It was very tense with Hank outside the RV with the junkyard guy. I thought the way Walt got out of the situation was excellent and that cheerful ringtone was a nice touch. Although Walt wasn`t putting anyone in danger like other times it is another example of Walt doing anything to save himself despite who it hurts. I just noticed that Hank at the end has the same expression as at the end of season 5 when he finds out. I think he will be really angry.

    Viewer score: 80 / 100

    Posted by Kay, 15/05/2013 10:12pm (7 years ago)

  • This is another one of my favorite episodes of Breaking Bad. (It seems there are a lot of them.) The tension in the last 15 to 20 minutes is exquisite. Also, I've always found that look of utter rage on Hank's face when he realizes that he's been tricked very powerful. Hank basically gets to play the villain here against the plucky and clever reunited heroes, but he also reveals how much he cares about Marie, all snark aside. Meanwhile, Walt gets to play the respected expert he always wanted to be; he can barely contain his happiness and pride at the way Gale, the all-too-perfect lab partner, obviously looks up to him. Finally, the destruction of the RV marks the end of the first, comparatively more happy-go-lucky (comparatively! I said) part of the show. We have a lot of dark material from here on out, with hardly any breaks from the bleak mood until the train heist.

    Viewer score: 74 / 100

    Posted by dfault, 15/05/2013 12:04am (7 years ago)

  • I loved this episode, although a few small things bothered me. The review mentioned Hank's leaving to go to the hospital, which did seem convenient, but I think just showing Hank give a look of indecision for one second about how to react to that phone call would've made him seem slightly less easily manipulated. I liked the cold open and really liked how it made the silent cousins seem a bit more natural, in that horror-movie way, but wouldn't murdering a cop be a -little- bit of a problem, as far as drawing attention? We must assume their bad-assery covers all bases; not a huge deal but still made me wonder. I felt the same way about Skinny Pete and Badger (both known by the police) visiting Jesse in broad daylight--it seems convenient that they would not once think to at least look around as they emerge from inside. I can believe that Jesse would drive off in a huff to save his RV, but seriously, would he not be constantly checking the rear view on the way to his mobile meth lab? The last nit I wanted to pick was, you guessed it, Skyler. I find it inconsistent that she, who has always been portrayed as intelligent, suddenly forgot to realize that Walt had used drug money to pay their bills; it seemed like an easy way to show her righteousness.
    The positives of this episode far outweigh the negative, fortunately, and I must say that this rewatch is a great way to pass the time waiting for the Final Eight. Seeing Walt reading the Whitman book given to him by Gale now takes on a whole new gravity, and I truly hope that episode 509 doesn't skip too far ahead; having just seen Walt bait Hank with that phone call, you have to believe that seeing Hank putting those pieces together would be priceless.

    Viewer score: 74 / 100

    Posted by Matt E., 13/05/2013 3:47pm (7 years ago)

  • I really loved seeing how natural consequences of Walt's arrogance came back to bite him in 'Sunset'. Walt's ego had been stroked by Gus, Gale and the Superlab. Walt was moving up in the world and the power had gone to his head, his carelessness almost leading to his capture. Walt had left behind too many loose ends from his more amateur cooking days and they all came together at once to tie Walt in a knot. The scene with Walt and Jesse trapped like rats while Hank runs his crowbar over the RV wall is so incredibly tense. I was desperately rooting for Walt to think of a way out of this mess and when Walt came up the horrible manipulation of making Hank think his wife might have been killed in a car crash...I felt rather guilty about which side I'd been rooting for!

    My favourite part of the episode was Walt taking a moment inside the RV and shaking his head fondly at the deck chairs and Jesse's bag of funyuns. It's all the more touching when I think about Walt visiting Jesse in the last episode of S5 just to chat about the times they shared in their clapped out RV. It makes me think of Walt giving Elliot a packet of noodles for his 50th birthday as a reminder of their student years. As much as Walt yearns for power, riches and empires, it's ironic that Walt seems happiest in the experimental salad days of any of his enterprises, be it Gray Matter or his Meth Business.

    Viewer score: 82 / 100

    Posted by Kelly, 11/05/2013 7:48pm (7 years ago)

  • Gale's introduction was great in another fantastic, tense episode. Gale was really the "first new character" of season 3, given that Cousins and Mike didn't expose their personalities by this point (that comes later).
    I thought the "trapped in the RV" scene was tense, not because I thought they were going to get caught but because you knew something crazy had to go down to get them out of that situation, and Hank's hospital scene was fantastic (with the also amazing fallout to come) both in the concept and in Dean Norris' acting.

    Things just keep rolling from this point on.

    Viewer score: 74 / 100

    Posted by Ben F., 10/05/2013 7:53pm (7 years ago)

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