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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a drama about Walter White, a chemistry professor who is diagnosed with lung cancer. He enlists the help of his former student Jesse Pinkman to manufacture and sell methamphetamine. AMC 2008-???


Episode 8 - I See You

5 June 2013

Credit AMC

Synopsis: Marie, Skyer, Walt and Walter Jr take up residence at the hospital while they wait for Hank to get out of surgery. The cousin who survived is still alive with his legs amputated. Jesse spends his time horsing around in the lab waiting for Walt. Gus visits the hospital to provide chicken for the DEA agents who are all waiting for news of Hank. Later Juan Bolsa calls Gus suspicious that he is responsible for the death of the cousins and the police surrounding his own home.

The Good: The family sadness over Hank’s shooting was believably portrayed. Marie understandably angry while the others are grieved that Hank could be hurt in this way. It gave the episode a sombre and downbeat feel as everyone waited around for news of how either Hank or his attacker (Leonel).

Walt is, as usual, able to shrug off any potential guilt to fix a wonky table or read a magazine while the others stare into space. Skyler’s dismissal of him as he prepared his lies (about Jesse’s phone call to the hospital) was a nice moment. She’s accepted his criminal ways as part of her life but she doesn’t want to hear any more of his b.s. His story about his own cancer experience in the hospital was interesting. At times it felt self indulgent but in the end he managed to make into an encouraging story for Marie. He ended it by claiming that he wasn’t half the man Hank is which tells you that he was putting it on to make her feel better. I don’t think he believes that anyone around him is better than him.

He will however treat Gus Fring with a healthy amount of respect. Gus listens to Walt’s garbled excuses about the delayed meth shipment before turning up at the hospital to demonstrate that he knows everything about Walt and can find him anywhere. His provision of food for the DEA agents also helped keep up his cover of all round nice guy while distracting everyone long enough to let Mike in to kill Leonel. Clearly it was Gus who tipped off Hank about the attack and didn’t want anyone back in Mexico knowing that he’d set the cousins up. More than that he seems to set up Juan Bolsa to be gunned down in an incident with the local police. Gus seems like he’s way out of Walt’s league in ways Walt isn’t aware of.

Leonel’s utter commitment to avenging Tuco (and now his brother) was amply demonstrated by the shocking sight of him pulling his crippled body across the hospital floor at the sight of Heisenberg amongst the gawking police. Jesse’s lab antics were the light relief amidst the gloom as he tried to make waiting for Walt seem fun. You had to smile at Jesse crying out “Shit, this is the bomb” after Walt had told Gale that they had a style clash and his new partner would be more “classical.”

The Bad: Nothing as such although there are times when I question the actor playing Steve Gomez. He seems a bit wooden when claiming he’d love to take vengeance on Leonel.

The Unknown: It’s not clear how or why Gus struck at Juan Bolsa. He seems to have taken a big risk in giving the cousins his authorisation to kill Hank and just hoping that they wouldn’t tell anyone back home what was going on. Did he then find a way to force the police to kill Juan or was that a happy accident? The latter doesn’t seem likely when it comes to Gus.

It was interesting to hear Skyler defending Walt to Marie. Of course she would on the surface but I assumed that later she would ask him in private if this had anything to do with him given the Jesse connection. But perhaps the nationality of the assassins made it all seem too exotic to involve Walt. That could make sense as Skyler doesn’t know about Tuco or Krazy 8 or the other extreme things Walt’s had to go through.

Best Moment: Maybe Jesse replacing Gale for simple comic relief. Waiting around for Hank to wake up wasn’t dull but it wasn’t emotionally engaging either.

The Bottom Line: A logical follow up to the explosion of “One Minute.”



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