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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a drama about Walter White, a chemistry professor who is diagnosed with lung cancer. He enlists the help of his former student Jesse Pinkman to manufacture and sell methamphetamine. AMC 2008-???


Season Overview #Episodes Score Viewer
Season 1 2008 7 71 77
Season 2 2009 13 72 79
Season 3 2010 13 70 73
Season 4 2011 13 69 58
Season 5 2012 16 70 76

Top episodes

» Episode
Episode Overview Score Viewer score
Season 5
» Episode 15
Granite State Saul and Walt temporarily share the same room...
Saul and Walt temporarily share the same room as they wait to disappear. Skyler is left facing all the charges that Walt has avoided. Todd visits to tell her not to speak of Lydia. Walt is relocated to New Hampshire to a lonely cabin eight miles from the nearest town. Jesse escapes from his cell and Andrea is shot in response. Walt tries to send money to Walter Jr but he won’t take it.
89 86
Season 3
» Episode 7
One Minute Hank beats Jesse’s face in and soon faces...
Hank beats Jesse’s face in and soon faces the legal consequences. Jesse is determined to have his vengeance and even threatens to turn Walt in should things go against him. Walt realises that the only solution, short of killing him, is to bring him into the lab. So he berates Gale and asks Gus to make the switch. Hank comes clean with Marie over what he’s been through and prepares to leave the DEA. He stops to buy flowers for Marie just as the Cousins prepare to strike.
88 88
Season 2
» Episode 9
4 Days Out Walt has a scan to see how his...
Walt has a scan to see how his cancer has responded to the chemotherapy. Between a large mark on the scan and his coughing fits, he assumes he doesn’t have much longer to live. He tells Skyler he is flying out to visit his mother but instead he drags Jesse out to the desert to cook a huge batch of meth. Jesse leaves the key in the ignition and after two days of cooking the battery is flat. Their attempts to restart it fail and they are so far away that Skinny Pete can’t find them. Jesse inspires Walt to create another battery and when they return Walt’s diagnosis is good.
84 90
Season 5
» Episode 14
Ozymandias Gomez is dead and Hank soon follows. Uncle...
Gomez is dead and Hank soon follows. Uncle Jack digs up the money but leaves a barrel out of courtesy. Walt hands Jesse over and tells him about Jane. Marie tells Skyler that Walt is under arrest and forces her to confess to Walter Jr. When the Whites arrive home they find Walt packing their bags. When Skyler realises that Hanks is dead she picks up a knife and forces Walt out.
82 86
Season 2
» Episode 2
Grilled Tuco takes Walt and Jesse out to his...
Tuco takes Walt and Jesse out to his place in the country where his disabled uncle Tio lives. He tells them that his operation was hit by the DEA and he suspects Gonzo may have tipped them off. He wants to take them to Mexico to cook in a Super Lab. They attempt to poison him with the ricin but Tio sabotages them. His warnings (with the use of a bell) lead Tuco to try and kill Jesse but they manage to shoot him in the stomach and leave him for dead. Meanwhile Skyler begins the search for Walt and Hank takes time off work to help. He follows Jesse’s car out to Tuco’s place and finds a wounded Tuco standing by Jesse’s car.
82 87

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Vince Gilligan began to formulate the idea for the show during a phone call with a friend in 2005. He knew he wanted Bryan Cranston to play the role of Walter White because Cranston had played a racist with a terminal illness during season six of the X-Files.


The show debuted to average ratings but the numbers have slowly increased with each subsequent season. The first season was affected by the 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike and only produced seven episodes. The next three seasons all had thirteen episodes. After negotiations throughout 2011, AMC announced that the show was renewed for sixteen more episodes that may be split over two seasons.


I was tipped off about Breaking Bad by a kind reader in 2009 and was instantly intrigued by the show's clever premise. I wrote blog posts about the show during season three which are available in the blogs section. I began to write full length reviews starting with season four and began to record podcasts to accompany them.

I would love to go back and write reviews for the first three seasons of Breaking Bad, however it will probably be a long while before I have the time to do it.

November 2011


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