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The Simpsons is an animated comedy about a family in the fictional town of Springfield. The family is made up of selfish father Homer, fretting mother Marge, precocious daughter Lisa, rebellious son Bart and silent daughter Maggie. FOX 1989-???


Episode 6 - Like Father Like Clown

24 December 2010

Synopsis: Krusty finally relents and has dinner with the Simpsons as thanks for what Bart did for him (in 112). He breaks down in tears over dinner revealing that he has been estranged from his Rabbi father for years. His sadness forces Bart and Lisa to track down Rabbi Krustofski and attempt a reconciliation.

The Good: I enjoyed the continuity of Bart's efforts to help out Krusty being remembered. Learning Krusty's back-story was interesting and his religion, upbringing and sense of calling all add layers to his character. His illiteracy was also reinforced.

Bart and Lisa's quest to reunite him with his Dad echoed their efforts to free him from prison (112). I liked Lisa's comment that "A man who envies are family is a man who needs help." That part of the plot was beyond thorough as they tried to change the Rabbi's mind on no less than seven occasions. Finally the convince him to come and see his son and the reunion was a nice ending, especially as Krusty's misery had been well portrayed.

The humour was solid throughout much of it resting on good satire. Krusty calls a sex-party line only to end up talking to fellow lonely middle aged men. Then later the local radio stations religious programme is given this grand introduction "And in order to keep our broadcasting license we devote Sunday night dead time to public service shows of limited appeal..." In a nice parody of television clichés the Rabbi dramatically announces that "I have no son!" when Bart and Lisa come calling. Bart is frustrated that they have come to the wrong rabbi's office and so Hyman quickly opens the door to add "I didn't mean that literally."

I also smiled at the sillier jokes like Milhouse horning in on the dinner with Krusty without a shred of subtlety or Krusty thinking he was being honoured by the French nation.

The Bad: Half way through the episode you do get the feeling that there isn't much of a story being told. Bart and Lisa's repeated attempts to convince the Rabbi to change his mind actually cover up for the fact that there is no actual story beyond the reconciliation. Once Krusty and his father hug the story is over and so the whole quest to reunite them feels a bit repetitive.

Best Joke: Bart and Lisa come to see Reverend Lovejoy to see if he knows how to find the Rabbi. They have to pretend that they do listen to his radio show on religious affairs. Delighted to hear this he hands them two "Gabbin about God" t-shirt claiming it will make them the "coolest kids in the playground." Bart takes it gives a short fake laugh and very swiftly says "We'll put em on later."

The Bottom Line: A nice episode which fleshes out Krusty's character paving the way for many more gags in the future.



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