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The Simpsons

The Simpsons is an animated comedy about a family in the fictional town of Springfield. The family is made up of selfish father Homer, fretting mother Marge, precocious daughter Lisa, rebellious son Bart and silent daughter Maggie. FOX 1989-???


Episode 20 - Colonel Homer

20 January 2011

Synopsis: Angry with Marge over an incident in the cinema Homer drives for miles and miles till he finds a red neck bar. There he hears Lurleen the waitress play a song that really touches him. He encourages her to sing more and she makes him her manager. Marge is upset at all the time he is spending with Lurleen and soon Homer realises his marriage is in danger.

The Good: This is a delightfully direct love story about Homer and Marge. It's not in the least bit subtle which might be annoying if Homer's naivety weren't played so sweetly.

Homer is about as likeable as a character can be throughout his interaction with Lurleen. His interest in her is so innocent that he doesn't realise she is attracted to him until she literally spells it out. It allows for some fun moments (see Comic Highlight) and allows him to ultimately show his love and loyalty to Marge in a very redeeming way. Who wouldn't smile at Lurleen saying "Oh Homer! You're as smart as you are handsome!" and Homer responding "Hey! Oh, you meant that as a compliment."

The music written for the episode was entertaining and fit the direct nature of the plot well. The two catchiest ones "Your Wife Don't Understand You" and "I Bagged a Homer" (which plays on a baseball language very neatly) were both written by Beverley D'Angelo the actress who player Lurleen. She certainly contributed a lot to the episode. I particularly smiled at her list of song titles which had been inspired by her work in the rough bar including one called "Don't Look Up My Skirt Unless You Mean It."

The Bad: When I say this episode was very direct, I mean it. Each of Lurleen's songs after her first reflect her emotional state at the time including a song to seduce Homer and then a hastily penned one explaining how he left her to return to Marge. Similarly Marge's jealousy of Lurleen was instant and unrelenting. As I say the directness didn't spoil the episode but it does prevent it from being much more than it is.

Marge's jealousy makes it odd that she would allow Homer to spend their life savings on Lurleen. Homer then sells her contract for fifty dollars when he didn't have to. By introducing that into the story we are left with the thought that Homer just cost his family an awful lot of money for nothing.

Best Joke: Homer gets Lurleen's song played on the radio and the town goes crazy. Lurleen is hugely grateful and says:
L: "No man has ever been this nice to me without, you know, wanting something in return."
H: "Well I was going to ask you for a glass of water but now I feel kind of guilty about it."
L: (Laughs) "Homer, you're just a big sack of sugar aren't you?"
H: "Thanks! You did say sugar right?"

The Bottom Line: A lovely story playing off of Homer's innocent love for his wife.



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