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Scrubs is a comedy about John "J.D." Dorian, a young doctor who begins his first job at Sacred Heart Hospital in California. The show is narrated from JD's perspective as he learns lessons about how to survive in a touch but rewarding career. NBC 2001-08. ABC 2009-10.


Episode 14 - My Soul On Fire (2)

29 July 2009

Synopsis: The Janitor and Lady get married. Jordan gives in and admits how much she likes Dr Cox. Despite their arguments Carla and Turk get to have some fun in the sea after all. JD tells Elliot he loves her in the nicest way he can think of.

The Good: As expected the show goes for the mega-happy ending and largely succeed in creating that feel good factor. JD telling Elliot that he loves her more than Turk is a suitably appropriate sentiment and they didn’t let up on his adoration of Turk during the episode which emphasised that. Jordan and Dr Cox admitting how much they really love each other somehow managed to be heart warming even after all these years. Part of it was just seeing how much they had grown. After all his years of anger Perry had finally grown tired of pushing her away, even verbally when she knew he didn’t mean it. Their happiness felt more authentic as a result of that growth.

The Janitor too manages to be sweet to Lady as they get married and he carries the comedy throughout. He manages to lie during his vows and then comments on how Lady doesn’t mind the lies he tells which was consistent with who he is if nothing else. His interactions with Ted and Doug were pretty funny (see Comic Highlight). Ted’s mistake had cost Doug the chance to come to the wedding and I really enjoyed the Janitor trying to comfort him and completely feeling. “What’s it like there, is it awesome?” Doug asks. The Janitor thinks about lying but says “Uh it’s pretty awesome...but you know what pal, I’m gonna stay on this phone with you until – gotta go.” Simple straightforward comedy. Ted puts ranch on his face and sun screen on his food in another obvious but smile worthy moment. I thought the Janitor and Lady getting to sit while taking their vows, while everyone else stood was exactly the kind of thing he would come up with. It was interesting to hear the Janitor tell Lady to shut up. She took it well but it seemed an oddly real acknowledgement of his anger. We will have to wait until the final episode to get his name too.

The Bad: The Turk and Carla story didn’t get resolved. She seemed unreasonable when complaining that Turk was equating sex and love. But she then made a good case for herself being too snowed under to have sex with him all the time. And then they were happy again without talking it through or reaching an understanding.

There are the usual collection of jokes which are too implausible to be funny. Ted burning instantly under the sun. A camera thief running backwards and filming JD and Turk as they chase him and more of Elliot’s aversion to red heads.

Bill Lawrence, the executive producer of Scrubs plays the inappropriate Justice of the Peace Van. He plays it fine but it isn’t written well. In typically uneven Scrubs style he slowly becomes more inappropriate before crossing a line by touching Lady. The comedy just isn’t built plausibly to a natural climax. People are just randomly weird, which can be funny but more often than not is just weird.

Finally Kelso’s drinking borders on the alcoholic here. I don’t think they intended that to be how it came across. Perhaps he played his inebriation too convincingly.

Comic Highlight: The Janitor feels bad for Doug being left at home and so instructs Ted to
J: “Book Doug into the next ‘Dealing with Rejection’ Seminar in my garage. Eighty bucks.”
T: “Eighty bucks. Can I take that class.”
J: “No room for you Ted.”

Diagnosis: Most fans will just be pleased to see the characters heading toward their happy endings. Which is fine this late in the day.



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