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Scrubs is a comedy about John "J.D." Dorian, a young doctor who begins his first job at Sacred Heart Hospital in California. The show is narrated from JD's perspective as he learns lessons about how to survive in a touch but rewarding career. NBC 2001-08. ABC 2009-10.


Episode 18 - My Finale (1)

26 March 2012

Synopsis: It’s JD’s last day at Sacred Heart and he is thinking about his first. He becomes sad when only Turk and Elliot seem to care that he is leaving. The Janitor quizzes him about the penny he thinks that JD put in the front door eight years ago. Dr Kelso starts work again, steals his favourite table from the Coffee Bucks and says goodbye to JD. Dr Cox refuses to give JD the goodbye he wants. JD diagnoses a lady with Huntington’s disease and has to tell her son that he may have it too.

The Good: A fine setup for the final twenty two minutes.

The opening joke about Elliot moving in by stealth is interestingly enough taken straight from the pilot of Spin City, a show with many links to Scrubs. JD reminiscing about his first day at Sacred Heart makes sense and begins the nostalgia which this episode successfully taps into. The Janitor bringing up the penny which he accused JD of putting into the door (in the first episode) was a nice way to begin rounding off their feud.

JD having to deal with a patient suffering from Huntington’s disease and her son who may also have it is a typically bold move. Scrubs has handled tragedy really well at times and so this suitably devastating illness was sadly the ideal choice for the finale. It is a reminder of the diseases which will go on raging long after JD has left the hospital. It’s also an incurable and unjust disease reminding us of all those Dr Cox rants which at their heart went to the heart of the heroism and eternal struggles of doctors everywhere. Dr Cox of course claims this is just another day for him which is as true to form as ever and sets up part two nicely as JD searches for that elusive moment.

JD even manages to squeeze a nice joke in as he claims he is “almost positive” he won’t hit his patient.

Dr Kelso says a more straightforward goodbye which was nice and simple and spurred JD on to seek out the goodbyes he was looking for. Turk and Elliot were suitably affectionate to their best friend.

The Bad: Ted eating dirt, not plausible. Another Janitor ramble which didn’t have a purpose as he claims he knows M Night Shyamalan.

Comic Highlight: JD trying to hand the theoretical reigns over to Dr Cox but being refused.

Diagnosis: A very good setup.



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