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Scrubs is a comedy about John "J.D." Dorian, a young doctor who begins his first job at Sacred Heart Hospital in California. The show is narrated from JD's perspective as he learns lessons about how to survive in a touch but rewarding career. NBC 2001-08. ABC 2009-10.


Episode 18 - My Finale (2)

30 May 2014

Synopsis: JD says goodbye to Carla, Jordan and the Janitor. Elliot admits she has moved in with JD. Sunny tricks Dr Cox into finally revealing his true feelings about JD as JD listens. Through his Huntington’s patient and her son, he sees that his future is whatever he can make of it. He remembers all the faces that had an impact on him while at Sacred Heart. Then he imagines his future and leaves.

The Good: Pretty much everything is spot on here. Scrubs never became the show I thought it could be after season one. But this finale hits the points which feel true to the spirit of what Scrubs was all about. It was never inconsistent over its moral bottom line: Hospitals are tough horrible places because all humans deteriorate and die. All doctors can do is fight the battle to preserve and protect life for that little bit longer. If a doctor isn’t well prepared, diligent and caring then people die. To survive this tough but rewarding job, doctors and nurses need their loved ones and friends to support them. Without those relationships the depression of seeing human tragedy play out daily would drag them down and ruin their lives.

Here JD thanks those who taught and prepared him for his work. He shows love for all those who touched his life at Sacred Heart and especially to those who kept him sane and happy over the last eight years. He learns his final lesson from a patient at this hospital, as he is reminded once more to take charge of his future. He then imagines that future, a future that the last eight years made possible and then he leaves. We then get to see the cast saying goodbye to one another, a reminder of the dozens of relationships which helped create this television show.

On the way JD says goodbye to Carla in a touching and appropriate tone. Jordan says bye and Ted remains Ted. We learn that after all these years the Janitor knew JD accidentally dropped a penny in the door. The reason he decided to torture JD is that he lied and wouldn’t admit his mistake. It’s an interesting twist on their relationship, making the janitor look an inch more rational. His real name remains a mystery which is probably for the best.

The scene where Dr Cox finally admitted how much he respected JD was beyond superb. JD finally outwits his mentor and gets Sunny to bait him into admitting what JD has always believed. But more than the obvious humour and satisfactions of seeing this moment were the details. Early on in season one Dr Cox made it clear that JD’s deep emotional connection to his patients and his commitment to his job were what made him respect him. Dr Cox flat out states it here that he was the only doctor “who cared as much as I do.” He also points out that the reason people gravitated toward JD was that he was an exceptional person. JD throws back that Dr Cox smells like a father figure. Exactly what he always was to JD. It’s such an appropriate and important moment. For all the terrible, implausible, unnecessary jokes which I have sat through, Scrubs never faltered when it came to Dr Cox. He remained the closed off alpha male through eight seasons, never giving in to JD’s desire for a closer relationship. This moment is a payoff worth every minute.

I also give credit to the producers for wrapping up everyone else’s stories during the season and making this all about JD. It gave the episode the singular focus it needed to draw out the emotions.

The roll call of former guest stars is impressive and a really nice touch to reward long time fans for sticking with the show. It’s also another nod to the idea that everyone touched JD in some way and helped make him who he is. They all deserve their moment. At first I thought the home movie glimpse into the future went on too long. But viewed again it seemed more fitting, particularly when you realise that JD is imagining his son and Turk’s daughter getting married along with the happy family gatherings and his marriage to Elliot. It’s as if we are being give the full ending of the JD story, that’s the future he would love to have and we can imagine he will get somewhere close.

The final shot of him driving away is set to the Scrubs theme tune, which wrapped it all up nicely. Together with Bill Lawrence playing the janitor pulling down his goodbye banner.

The Bad: Ted being stuck on a loop.

Comic Highlight: Ted did get one final retort in. “Do you think you’re funny?” Dr Cox asks. “Funny looking!” Ted quips. Unaware until the end.

Diagnosis: I would end Scrubs here. JD was the centre of the show and he is given as good a send-off as he could have been.



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  • The Janitor's name is Tony.

    I loved this show and want to see it run again... even if with a completely new caste!

    Posted by Adeel, 23/12/2014 7:13pm (6 years ago)

  • He is right, the janitor's name isn't Glenn Mathews. In fact no one knows his name, it's a secret only he knows. Furthur this episode is brilliant, I liked how they had put an element from the first episode, the penny. I'd also rather not have the 9th season, because it was the worst season. If they just sticked with the 8th season, this show could possibly have the best "last episode" ever made on a sitcom.

    Viewer score: 100 / 100

    Posted by Salim, 20/12/2014 12:27am (6 years ago)

  • Then someone else comes along and calls him a different name, if you remember rightly there is another episode where its revealed that he has several different persona's in the hospital and its obvious that his real name is not Glenn Mathews.

    Viewer score: 100 / 100

    Posted by Longview, 30/05/2014 3:05am (6 years ago)

  • Excellent review! But you made one mistake. We do get to know the janitor's name. JD asks him for the first time in 8 seasons (according to the janitor) and he tells him.
    It's Glenn Mathews.

    Viewer score: 95 / 100

    Posted by Theo, 01/04/2014 4:21am (6 years ago)

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