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Scrubs is a comedy about John "J.D." Dorian, a young doctor who begins his first job at Sacred Heart Hospital in California. The show is narrated from JD's perspective as he learns lessons about how to survive in a touch but rewarding career. NBC 2001-08. ABC 2009-10.


Episode 17 - My Chief Concern

26 March 2012

Synopsis: JD gets a new job at a hospital near his new home. He and Turk argue over a patient but really they are just sad to be losing one another. Denise is struggling and making mistakes and Elliot decides to shield her from some of the responsibility. Dr Cox isn’t happy about that but again he is really upset about JD leaving. Ted and Gooch are moving in together and Dr Kelso thinks about going back to work. The Janitor is not happy with everyone changing, including Lady asking if her sister and her son can move in with them.

The Good: This is a very solid setup for the season finale. JD’s thoughts are responsible for the structure of the whole show, so him leaving feels like it should be the end. The writers avoid clichés or changes that might seem out of character for JD. He just gets a better job at a new hospital half an hour away. It’s a very understated and authentic feeling development. When Turk and JD are driving they realise that if there is traffic the commute becomes even longer. That was such a subtle moment for the show, they didn’t need to ram it home, it was clear that JD’s life just couldn’t be the same anymore.

The ripples outward build a logical story nicely. Turk and JD end up quarrelling and then making up. But in the end they realise that they will never be as close again because of their new families and jobs. There’s no drama with JD and Elliot, she just calmly wants to move in with him. Dr Cox hides his disappointment at seeing his protégé leave and the Janitor dislikes all the changes he sees coming.

The jokes flow nicely from JD’s story. First he meets his new boss Dr Mantoots which leads to fun giggling on Turk and JD’s part. Then Dr Cox tries to celebrate JD’s departure with a backflip which was a spectacular failure. Kelso gives us one final update on his troubled son who is now dropping all pretence and being a man-whore, delivered with ever reliable matter of factness. Even when JD and Turk are arguing they sneak in some good humour with Turk taking a peak over his shoulder and Elliott getting carried away while making out with JD. Turk and JD fantasising about running the hospital also had its fun moments and definitely fit their story. I also liked Todd claiming that ukuleles make him horny, like that was an achievement.

And for once the Janitor was good in his role. Perhaps that’s because he actually has a logical reason behind his behaviour instead of spouting off randomly. His disturbing advice to Lady’s nephew was amusing in its consistency with his character. And his railing against all things change gave him a platform to have fun interactions with all the main characters.

The Bad: Hopefully that’s the last of Jimmy the overly touchy orderly. It could have been a fun joke if the writers didn’t take these ideas to such extreme unreal lengths.

Denise’s story was entirely set up to make a point about JD rather than about her. Considering she has been the most promising intern, both within the story and as a TV character, it was a shame to show her struggling and not focus on that at all.

Comic Highlight: Denise hooks up with Derek again and Carla says she has even fantasised about him.
E: “Me too! I’ve got this one scenario where he and I are walking down a dark alley. JD is a mugger who jumps out with a knife, Derek used to be the mugger but then I thought that was a little racially insensitive. Anyway, there’s a scuffle. I wind up with the knife. So at first I force them both to pleasure me but then it takes a left turn and I go on a killing spree. I know it’s a little weird but I know we all have our little tricks to climax. Right?”
C: “Elliot Reid, two years therapy free!”
E: “I don’t need it anymore.”

Diagnosis: A very logical and enjoyable setup to the season finale. Turk and JD are the closest relationship which will be effected by the move, so to focus on them made sense. What made the episode so good was the way JD’s announcement trickled down to all the other characters providing an ideal story with lots of fun to be had.



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