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Scrubs is a comedy about John "J.D." Dorian, a young doctor who begins his first job at Sacred Heart Hospital in California. The show is narrated from JD's perspective as he learns lessons about how to survive in a touch but rewarding career. NBC 2001-08. ABC 2009-10.


Episode 9 - My Absence

26 March 2012

Synopsis: Carla and Turk are having their second child. No one will get excited for Turk because it isn’t their first. So he ends up lying to Ted’s new girlfriend Gooch in order to get the reaction he craves. Elliott is missing JD really badly and texts and calls him all day. She doesn’t want to end up being so dependent on him but Kelso tells her that’s what intimacy is all about. Dr Cox is confused when Carla won’t help the interns with a coma patient.

The Good: Again Scrubs presents some season one morals with season eight characters. Turk understandably wants an excited reaction about the news of his second child so lies to get it. Elliott is understandably worried about becoming too vulnerable with JD now that they are together again. And finally and most understandably Carla has stopped caring about coma patients like she once did. All the stories are logical and straightforward.

New intern Sunny is a good choice to be desperate to help her patients and she draws some genuine sympathy when you realise she has no skills to help the patient.

The Bad: The stories don’t exactly hit home as they might have done. There aren’t any twists or turns, they just roll from setting up the problem to “solving” them. From situation to moral of the story in twenty inconsequential minutes.

Meanwhile the jokes are far too simple and dull. Elliot’s nipples might be showing, she was wearing a lead vest and felt like an emotional weight was on her, her hair smells of beer. Kelso saying “girl balls.” Denise being turned on by fat guys. It’s all pretty poor.

Then there is the completely overwritten “joke” which ruins the poignancy of Sunny’s story. She stayed all night trying to keep a coma patient alive and instead of treating her experience seriously we get an exaggerated and implausible story about her having to keep resuscitating him to the point where she accidentally injected herself with dopamine.

Worse than that is Gooch’s complete overreaction to Turk lying to her. Does she have to threaten to brutalise him just because he said it was his first child when it’s actually his second? It makes her look like another fake, silly character who we shouldn’t care about. As usual the writing tries to make Ted look inhumanly pathetic. He claims Gooch is his first ever girlfriend though we know he was once married (116).

Comic Highlight: Probably the final scene as Dr Cox has some fun destroying his office in search of JD (on the phone).

Diagnosis: When a comedy isn’t funny the story needs to be really good. These are not good enough to compensate.



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