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Parks and Recreation



Episode 10 - Two Parties

18 January 2013

Credit NBC

Who on earth is booking guest stars for Parks and Recreation? Seriously! The show has already featured several former sports starts and so I guess getting a couple of Colts’ players isn’t too crazy. But to add Newt Gingrich to a show that already had cameos from Joe Biden and John McCain is just getting ridiculous.

Maybe they were all happy to be a part of a show that is just so warm hearted. The rotating bachelor parties was one of the nicest stories I’ve ever seen. The guys actually do what Ben asks and play board games with him, the ice cream store owner takes care of clumsy Jerry and Chris’ intense desire to make people happy finally found its perfect outlet. Seeing Andy giddy with happiness over playing football with his rivals was really sweet. But I actually felt emotional when Chris gave Ron a one line toast and was rewarded with a heartfelt “Perfect Chris” in return. If Chris ends up in a happy relationship as an indirect result of his selfless affection then it will just be another Parks moment which looks cheesy and sounds cheesy and yet somehow just feels right.

I even laughed at Andy’s ludicrous flight of fancy as he pitched it perfectly to the point where Chris looked guilty and perturbed at his imaginary marriage to April.

In a way the downside was that the Leslie story paled in comparison. Clearly the park she’s been fighting for for five years wasn’t going to get built over. Her good relationship with Ken saved the day, which was fine, but I’ve seen his “white man” shtick before.

p.s. Gingrich was a total accident apparently, click here to see the whole story.



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  • I thought this was a great episode but Leslie's party suffered greatly from what I call Friends Party Syndrome. On Friends they would throw parties that would fill up the apartment but the six of them would be huddled in the corner only talking to each other which asks the question who else would bother to show up. I just found it very distracting that all these faceless women were in the background when the party was just Leslie, April, Ann, Donna and Babe Lincoln.

    I think it's kind of lazily when writers use genitalia as punchline (never though I'd write that sentence) but April earnestly telling everyone to use their penises to dig had me laugh out loud.

    Viewer score: 68 / 100

    Posted by Derek, 18/01/2013 2:38pm (7 years ago)

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