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Parks and Recreation



Episode 21 - Win, Lose, Draw

30 September 2012

Credit NBC

I’ve never doubted the heart in Parks and aside from a couple of silly jokes this was a lovely finale.

The election stuff was pretty simple with Leslie sleep deprived and the vote understandably close. Ron, Ann and Ben were all in place to give her the support she needed and it was a sweet moment when her victory was announced. The shot of a beaming Leslie next to her City Council picture going up was a great concluding moment.

The two emotional highlights of the episode came earlier though. The first was Leslie tearing up in the voting booth as she marked her ballot. The second was when Ben told her that he never wrote her a concession speech. That was a terrific bit of thinking on the part of the writers and beautifully demonstrated their strong emotional and professional bond.

The subplots were good too with Ben and Andy seeing new career paths open up while Ron refuses to change. I liked the way the April plot seemed to be about her realising something important but instead she ended up seeing what Andy should be doing. They are an endearing couple and to see him finally get some direction could be fun. It will be interesting to see whether the show just abandons the “Parks and Recreation” focus of the show and just follows our characters around next season. The very final line where Ron reveals that Jerry didn’t vote was a perfect final line as for once he really had made a genuinely important mistake but it didn’t matter.

The Ann-Tom story still feels silly and Chris is a problematic character. I also wasn’t a fan of Bobby Newport being reduced to a simpleton.

Otherwise though it’s been a solid season from Parks, slightly less good than the impressive third season but far from a marked decline. It may be by process of elimination but Parks is the best comedy on television and about the only one remaining with characters I care about. It may not be as funny or consistent as I would like but Parks does heart really well. It’s also not afraid to take risks, adapt its characters into new situations and above all change things when they aren’t working. I look forward to next season.



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  • One of the best shows on TV.

    Certainly deserves more than a 45/100 viewer score.

    Viewer score: 80 / 100

    Posted by Stu, 29/09/2012 9:50pm (8 years ago)

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