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Parks and Recreation



Episode 6 - End of the World

6 March 2012

I thought this was really good. When Parks gets everything right it's hard not to feel uplifted by its optimistic vision.

The Leslie-Ben story feels perfectly paced right now. We've seen them spend a few episodes avoiding one another and Ben, logically, suggests they keep doing that. As would happen in real life it's the sight of your ex actually moving on with someone else that sets Leslie off. Of course she flounders and Ben sees through her and they come to a resolution of sorts. It was all very pleasant and fitted with the "End of the World" theme quite neatly.

Then you had Tom, who always comes across best as a reluctant nice guy, throwing one last E720 party. The party looked good enough to make you believe that everyone was truly wowed by it. I actually expected the episode to end with Tom being tapped to work full time at a club or other party venue. Instead we will have to wait and see where the story takes him but he has the ability to be very endearing when he drops all the nonsense and behaves sweetly.

I thought his little bonding moment with Jean-Ralphio was perfect. You think for a second that we have finally seen the best of him but then boom he turns to the camera and admits he didn't actually invite Lucy for Tom's benefit.

Andy and April trumped Tom in the endearing stakes with their little bucket list adventure. They have both been characterised well so that his desire to have little movie moments and her desire not to be an adult mesh convincingly. Their mutual affection is very sweet and the sight of Jerry frowning as he watched them make out was pretty funny.  

For once the residents of Pawnee made me smile too. The idea that practically every resident is a bit crazy doesn't sit well with me. So to see Cult leader Herb literally sell out his beliefs to find a date when the park was free worked beautifully. When a rational self interest lies behind apparent craziness then you can be as crazy as you like as far as I'm concerned. The idea that the world might end gave Ron, Chris and Ann something to do and provided a solid focus for all the stories to revolve around.

All in all this was a prototype Parks episode. It gave you everything that the show is about and was very enjoyable to watch. I would need more laughter to give a higher score but I say that only as explanation for the 67.



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  • Wow, after last week this was a complete u-turn. Everything clicked, nothing stood out as not part of the Parks universe, very solid, very funny.

    Posted by Kevin J., 04/11/2011 7:39pm (9 years ago)

  • I thought this was a fantastic episode and could have even served well as a season finale. Everything felt very momentous...One last big party, Leslie & Ben come to a head, Andy and April's final moments at the Grand Canyon. This was definitely Parks and Recreation at its best. I'd say best episode of this season so far.

    Posted by Brando, 04/11/2011 2:25pm (9 years ago)

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