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Parks and Recreation



Episode 9 - Fancy Party

6 March 2012

Credit NBC

This was very nice and simple. But beneath it was a clever decision.

I couldn't really see where the writers could take Andy and April. They finally got together and there didn't seem like there was a lot more you could do with them. Neither of them is presented as a complicated character and so the traditional relationship problems would have seemed weird for them. Andy is also such a sweet guy at this point that it would be quite a downer if they broke up.

So the writers decided to go the opposite direction and have them marry young. Not just young but quickly too. Can they work as a lovable couple who will now presumably always be together? I don't see why not. I suppose we could be in for marriage troubles but I think the writers are more likely to take them on a journey of slowly discovering how to be grownups while sticking together. They are pretty lovable so far.

In the wider picture this plot was also an excuse to keep Ben around and continue the slow burn of his relationship with Leslie. I liked the way she was the only one fretting as no one else had much to say in the face of clearly true, if rushed, love. I was surprised at Donna not being more excited to hear about the wedding though.

To be fair to Donna though she sparkled in her role as Ann's wingman and her line "Ok I don't know you" when Ann corrected her about not being a doctor really made me laugh. I thought Ron was properly written once just standing around in the background amusing himself rather than having plots built around him. I also liked Chris managing to freak out Oren, though I think they could have given that scene longer and it would have been even funnier.

Parks is the happiest place to be in comedy right now.



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