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How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is a comedy about Ted Mosby, a New York architect who wants to get married and start a family. Future Ted is telling the story of how he met their mother and we see his past story set in the present day and the adventures he has with friends Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin. CBS 2005-???


Episode 17 - The Ashtray

26 March 2013

Credit CBS

Synopsis: The Captain calls asking for Robin's number and Ted recalls a night a year ago when he was high, Robin was drunk and Lily tried to give him art advice. Barney keeps trying to claim that he was involved in the story.

The Good: Nothing.

The Bad: So is this just fantasy camp now? Lily's lost art dreams have been picked up and put down like a child's toy over the years to the point where it has no meaning. Frankly the Lily character doesn't really have any juice left. The crass manipulation to move her from kindergarten to being the Captain's art adviser makes almost no sense.

Was anyone watching amused by the story being refashioned repeatedly? Does anyone buy that middle class adults like Robin and Ted would enter an art gallery when seriously intoxicated or that Lily or security would let them? Utter nonsense.

Barney's need to be involved in all crazy stories does fit his character but he seemed pathetically needy to request it so blatantly.

Comic Highlight: I really struggled. The only moment that I appreciated was the way in which Ted's "Boats, Boats, Boats" girl was featured in the corner of the Captain's picture and drunk Ted assumed the Captain was in love with her.

How I rate your episode: Retelling scenes from someone else's point of view is a gimmick which requires skilful writing. It also shouldn't be wheeled out every week to cover for your lack of imagination.



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  • Your English is good. It is sad, especially because the actors can still make you care when they are given good material to perform.

    Posted by The TV Critic, 19/02/2013 11:08pm (6 years ago)

  • for a moment i thought i was the only one who disliked this episode.I'ts really sad for the show to reach this point of quality when it used to be so good (at least i really liked it on the firsts seasons)
    I felt sad for lily but the scene where she was crying and talking with marshall about her lost dream felt odd to me, it was just weird.Barney's speach about not having a thing but being in all crazy stories also was kinda depressing.The jokes were just bad.
    The characters of this show are not what they used to be but an unrealistic and cartoon version of who they where.
    i still watch it because i want to know how it will end, for the sake of the characters i one loved, but the show seems ruined and out of ideas for me right now.
    I'm sorry if my english is not good, it is not my first language.

    Viewer score: 30 / 100

    Posted by Violeta, 19/02/2013 4:40pm (6 years ago)

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