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How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is a comedy about Ted Mosby, a New York architect who wants to get married and start a family. Future Ted is telling the story of how he met their mother and we see his past story set in the present day and the adventures he has with friends Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin. CBS 2005-???


Episode 23 - Something Old

7 May 2013

Credit CBS

Synopsis: Robin heads to the park to dig up a locket she buried there as a child to be her "Something Old" on her wedding day. Her father and Barney can't help her find it as they are off playing Laser Tag. Meanwhile Ted is helping Lily and Marshall choose what to take to Italy and what to throw out.

The Good: Ted decrying the existence of signs from the universe felt like a significant use of the show's mythology. Especially sitting next to Robin who he followed so many gut feelings for. It felt a bit like the old only when you stop looking do you find what you're looking for adage. Now that Ted has stopped waiting for destiny to find him he will finally meet the mother. Hopefully.

The Bad: I'm not sure teasing more tension between Robin and Ted is the way to go. I assume that's what their final moment together implied. We already know that he's about to meet the woman he will end up with so there's no jeopardy there.

The rest of the episode is only a gentle "Bad" from me. I didn't hate either of the other plots, they just weren't very significant. Barney the fatherless and Mr Scherbatsky the sonless was a clever combination but their laser tag comedy was too silly for me to find funny. Whereas any attempt to draw emotion from Ted, Lily and Marshall splitting apart is long gone by now. The show has given us multiple incarnations of the gang moving in and out of different apartments, jobs and romantic situations, none of which have ever led to any significant time apart. So I don't really buy that Lily and Marshall will be out of the picture if they make it to Italy. And even if they were gone for a year and never called Ted I'm confident that their friendship would be just fine.

Comic Highlight: As usual when Ted and Robin just played a moment straight it was perfectly convincing. When he called her a girl and she called him one back it was a sweet, believable moment between friends. No pun or time jump or other nonsense in sight.

How I rate your episode: If this were the end of the show and not the prelude to yet another season even I might have felt something as things draw to a close. But it's all just more manipulation as we set up some new pointless cliff hanger.



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