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How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is a comedy about Ted Mosby, a New York architect who wants to get married and start a family. Future Ted is telling the story of how he met their mother and we see his past story set in the present day and the adventures he has with friends Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin. CBS 2005-???


Episode 24 - Something New

25 May 2013

Synopsis: Marshall's mother is furious to learn that he is off to Rome without telling her. So to appease her he heads home to Minnesota for the week. Lily goes with Ted to his house which she is shocked to learn he plans on selling. He is off to Chicago to escape Robin. The latter is enjoying dinner with Barney where they decide to take vengeance on an annoying couple at the bar.

The Good: So there she is. A perfectly normal looking brunette played by a relatively unknown actress. I assume Bays and Thomas will actually let her play the part next season instead of trying to drag the wedding out with flashbacks or other gimmicks. I'm passed the point of looking forward to HIMYM but maybe next season will be a happy ending for everyone in a way which will be satisfying for the hard core audience.

I didn't mind Robin and Barney bonding over being vengeful. Their meddling seemed petty enough not to be evil.

The Bad: The repetitive jokes about Marshall's mother working against the Rome trip were a drag. And of course Marshall gets offered a new job just in time to foil the trip to Italy. I said last episode that various members of the group threaten to leave and never do every season.

I do understand the instinct to set each of the characters on a dramatic path as they all head toward the wedding. But to me there's zero emotional resonance to any of it because of the way we keep being teased about the mother. Now it seems obvious that everyone will stay put in New York and I'm not anticipating great television from the fallout. Lily being mad at Marshall has almost no appeal given that they will always be together.

Comic Highlight: I did smile at Barney being repeatedly smacked by the swinging kitchen door during dinner.

How I rate your episode: It's nice to finally meet the mother but I'm still reviewing HIMYM out of inertia. I don't think I'm adding anything to anyone's experience by pointing out what a manipulated sham the whole process has become. I may end up reviewing next season out of a sake of completeness but my time is ever stretched so I may leave a note saying it was one season too many.



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  • What makes a show "worth" reviewing? HIMYM started running out of ideas and sense seasons ago. Where I used to watch thinking we'd learn more about the characters over time while watching some fairly clever episodes - my favorite being a S1 or S2 episode with Ted waking up with a mysterious woman and a pineapple after a night of drinking - the show became more and more just an opportunity for ridiculous incidents, many of which weren't all that funny.

    So what makes a show worth reviewing if the characters are inconsistent, the episodes mainly meaningless and the jokes often lame? I watch, like the reviewer reviews, mainly out of inertia but I'm still there because of NPH and the occasional funny line. Actual stories, reveals, secrets, clues? Eh, I no longer care.

    Viewer score: 50 / 100

    Posted by JStrange, 24/05/2013 4:54pm (5 years ago)

  • Six seasons too many...

    Posted by The Gman, 16/05/2013 2:04am (5 years ago)

  • I think this is one of those shows where casual viewing makes it a more enjoyable watching experience. You really notice the cyclical writing otherwise.

    I watched this episode because I heard the mother was revealed but I have a hard time bringing myself to watch episodes called, like, "The Bro Mitzvah". I'll probably pick my spots next season just as I did the last few.

    What bugged me about this one, aside from the Lily-Marshall story, was that it felt like half of an episode. I know it's meant to be a major cliffhanger but, meh. Just finish the story. Spread it across two episodes in the same season. I would have felt better about it if they had.

    Viewer score: 55 / 100

    Posted by Romit, 15/05/2013 4:42am (5 years ago)

  • yeah I'm hoping it doesn't literally mean that but I'm sure we are in for a lot of flashes either forward, back or sideways.

    Posted by The TV Critic, 14/05/2013 6:21pm (5 years ago)

  • So I figure you aren't looking forward to the final season being the entire wedding weekend?

    Posted by Derek, 14/05/2013 5:49pm (5 years ago)

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