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How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is a comedy about Ted Mosby, a New York architect who wants to get married and start a family. Future Ted is telling the story of how he met their mother and we see his past story set in the present day and the adventures he has with friends Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin. CBS 2005-???


Episode 13 - Band or DJ

18 January 2013

Synopsis: Robin and Barney have lunch with her Dad so that they can tell him about their engagement. Robin is shocked to discover that he is married to someone and didn’t tell her. Ted struggles with his feelings over the engagement and Lily encourages him to share. Baby Marvin hasn’t pooped in days.

The Good: I don’t mind Ted expressing his frustration with Robin marrying Barney. That’s clearly how he felt even when he let her go meet him in the previous episode. I wasn’t so sure about the need for Lily to “match” his statement by admitting to her resentments over being a mother. If it turns into an important story for her then great.

The Bad: But I doubt it will. How I Met Your Mother can’t really do characterisation very well because we know where all the characters will end up. There’s no suspense as to whether Lily will make it as a mother. We know she ends up old and happy with Marshall. It felt more like she just needed something personal to share so Ted could admit to his feelings. None of which would really be necessary in a group so close that everyone knows how Ted feels about Robin.

That sense of “we know where this is all going” sucks all the joy out of the show. The ever-teased flashes of Robin and Barney’s wedding left us last time seeing them both with cold feet. Now we all know that they get married, as we see her dancing with her Dad, as if we were in any doubt anyway. I suppose it’s nice that we now know exactly how Ted and the mother met but really who cares anymore? Whichever actress is chosen to be the mum is going to be a disappointment after all these years of build up and seeing her arm just reminds you not to invest in any of Ted’s present struggles.

I thought Ray Wise did a nice job as Robin’s Dad. The writers hinted at a kind of sophistication with the story where he claimed he was fun now but actually hadn’t changed a bit but in the end it confused the story. He went out of his way to make Robin happy but only in a stern, foolish, overreaction of a way. It wasn’t much of a satisfying moment.

The DJ or band debate was insufferable but brief.

Comic Highlight: The use of confetti instead of poop in the baby Marvin story certainly provided a punch line of sorts to his constipation.

How I rate your episode: When the show delves into its future it diminishes the present.



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