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Friends is a sit com about three guys and three girls living in New York who become best friends. Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey deal with life's adversities together. NBC 1994-2004


Episode 21 - TOW The Fake Monica

29 March 2012

Synopsis: Monica’s credit card is stolen and she tracks down the woman who did it. Monica is so impressed with the thief’s attitude to life that she becomes her friend. Marcel has become sexually mature and Ross has to give him to a zoo.

The Good: Two great acting performances here from Monica and Ross. Ross looks genuinely forlorn at giving up his monkey and the writers bring out their favourite trick of parodying Ross’ zoo hunt as if he is applying to universities. There is also fun to be had as Chandler convinces Joey to adopt the stage name Joseph Stalin. But this episode belongs to Monica who is thrilled by the opportunity to live life to the full for once. It’s one of the very few occasions when Monica is allowed to be irresponsible and enjoy herself. You really feel for the characters here.

The Bad: Not full of laughs. Phoebe is just too silly at times.

Best Line:
(Animal fight organiser) “How is he at handling small objects?”
(Ro) “He can hold a banana if that’s what you mean?”
(AFO) “What about a hammer or a small blade?”
(Ro) “Why, why would he need a blade?”
(AFO) “If he’s up against a jungle cat or an animal with horns you’ve got to give the little guy something. Otherwise it’s just cruel.”

Best Friend: Monica



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