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Friends is a sit com about three guys and three girls living in New York who become best friends. Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey deal with life's adversities together. NBC 1994-2004


Episode 22 - TOW Joeys Big Break

29 March 2012

Synopsis: Phoebe is mad at Ross but can’t remember why. Joey gets the lead in a movie in Las Vegas. He decides to drive out there with Chandler but kicks him out when Chandler admits he doesn’t think this will be Joey’s big break. Rachel has a phobia about touching eyes and does everything she can to avoid getting eye drops for an infection.

The Good: Phoebe being mad at Ross is an inoffensive story and leads to the odd good line. They go all the way with Rachel’s story to the nice pay off where they hold her down in order to give her the drops. Meanwhile the Joey and Chandler story is a nice one as neither is too much to blame for their argument. Chandler is realistic but insensitive and Joey is unrealistic but vulnerable. Phoebe’s game which makes people give quick decisions is an excellent plot device as it resurfaces naturally throughout the episode helping move things forward.

The Bad: This episode feels like a set up for the finale, which of course it is. But there is a sense that nothing important is happening. Rachel’s story is passable but Phoebe hating Ross because of a dream she had is the definition of filler. Those film set people can pack up fast can’t they?

Best Line: (J) “I know how we can decide. Ok I’m gonna ask you some questions and you have to answer real quick. Ok?”
(Ro) “Ok?”
(J) “Which do you like better, action or comedy?”
(Ro) “Action.”
(J) “Who would you rather sleep with, Monica or Rachel?”
(Ro) “Dude you are sick.”
(J) “Oh, I’m sorry; I forgot you had that whole Rachel thing.”

Best Friend: Joey



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