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Friends is a sit com about three guys and three girls living in New York who become best friends. Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey deal with life's adversities together. NBC 1994-2004


Episode 13 - TOW Joey's Bag

29 March 2012


Synopsis: Rachel gives Joey a bag which he loves. Monica gives terrible massages and Phoebe meets her Dad at her Grandmothers funeral.

The Good: Phoebe meeting her Dad is a nice plot and there are some touching moments.

The Bad: Oh dear. There is so much wrong with the writing of this episode. Plots where an otherwise normal character is completely oblivious to the truth about themselves are unrealistic. So here we have Monica obliviously giving horrendous massages. It’s implausible that her character wouldn’t realise how people really felt. We also have Joey getting attached to a bag. It’s a weak plot but it is just the set up for a bunch of terrible mocking jokes from the others about him being a woman. Close friends shouldn’t knock him down like this, though it might have been fine if any of the jokes were funny or clever. Then there is Phoebe. The plot is a good one and should have had more of the episode to develop. But in the time the story gets we have to sit through her asking a set of obviously fake, silly questions to her Dad instead of just being serious.

Best Line: (Ra) “Exactly uni-sex.”
(J) “Maybe you need sex, I had sex a couple of days ago.”
(Ra) “No, no Joey, U N I sex.”
(J) “Well, I aint gonna say no to that!”

Best Friend: Phoebe




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