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Friends is a sit com about three guys and three girls living in New York who become best friends. Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey deal with life's adversities together. NBC 1994-2004


Episode 21 - TOW The Bullies

29 March 2012

Synopsis: Chandler and Ross are bullied by two guys in Central Perk. Phoebe tries to meet her father and Monica gets addicted to trading shares.

The Good: The bullies plot is an original idea. It’s almost strange to see two guys being so unreasonable and mean on the show. Chandler’s awkward energy is great as ever and the conclusion to the story is good fun. Phoebe meeting her brother is a nice moment. Her story is fun throughout with Joey provides several comic moments.

The Bad: Monica’s stock addiction is silly behaviour for her.

Best Line: (M) “My motto is get out before they go down.”
(J) “That is so not my motto.”

Best Friend: Chandler



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