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Friends is a sit com about three guys and three girls living in New York who become best friends. Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey deal with life's adversities together. NBC 1994-2004


Episode 1 - TOW Ross' New Girlfriend

29 March 2012

Synopsis: Ross returns from China with his new girlfriend Julie. Rachel becomes increasingly distraught at the turn of events. Meanwhile Phoebe cuts Monica’s hair and Chandler visits Joey’s tailor.

The Good: As usual the episode is full of good lines and good character moments, most of them coming from Chandler who has a real swagger about him. Both the subplots are ok if inconsequential. This is Rachel’s episode and she pulls off an acting tour de force with great aplomb. She has to be bitchy, jealous, miserable, vulnerable and funny and largely does an excellent job.

The Bad: As this is mainly about the Rachel and Ross plot, the subplots seem extra irrelevant. There are also times when the show is too sympathetic to Rachel. She only fell for Ross a day or two ago and now when she is mean to him and Julie, the tone of the show suggests we are meant to support her.

Best Line: (Frankie the tailor) “How long do you want the cuffs.”
(C) “At least as long as I have the pants.”

Best Friend: Rachel



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