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Entourage is a half hour long comedy-drama about young movie star Vincent Chase and his best friend and manager Eric Murphy. Filling out the entourage are high school friend Turtle and Vince's brother Johnny "Drama" Chase. High powered, ambitious and foul mouthed agent Ari Gold also helps to manage Vince's career. HBO 2004-11


Episode 1 - Drive

22 March 2012

Synopsis: Vince has to pass his driving test in order to be in a new movie about Enzo Ferrari. He is also heading to the Jay Leno show to promote his Scorsese directed movie Gatsby. Meanwhile Eric gets a call from Sloan offering him the chance to sublet her friend’s house. Lloyd demands that Ari promote him and Ari says if he can make it through one hundred days of taking orders then he will. With Johnny at work, Turtle with Jamie and Eric at Sloan’s, Vince is forced to be alone for the first time in a long time.

The Good: This episode feels like that old friend you only see once a year. Even though it’s been a while you fall back into the familiar old rhythm immediately. Last season the show flirted with real change and character development, but like all of Vince’s flirtations, it didn’t lead to commitment.

Most shows entering their sixth season will have stories reflecting how far their characters have come and how much they have changed. But Entourage has set all its characters on a familiar path of success and this episode has a very season one feel to it. The guys are back in their old house and making fun of each other once more. Vince is promoting his movie and already about to make a new one. With his story set we may be in for a more character focussed season, which would be a nice change after last season was based firmly around Vince’s career.

Eric’s life has changed a bit though. As a successful manager he is suddenly meeting and dating more women. That last part catches the eye of Sloan, his ex-girlfriend who offers him the chance to live a more mature lifestyle in a house of his own. It may well be that this sets in motion their return to coupledom. She is a pleasant character who bounces well off Eric so it may be no bad thing.

It might also shine a further light on Vince’s isolation which would seem to be his personal story this season. He may now have to decide if he wants something more serious with a woman than he has ever had up to this point. Or learn to be happy alone but I doubt that would make as interesting viewing.

Finally all seems relatively good for Ari. His favourite client is back on his feet and his new old friend Andrew Klein is successfully recruiting for the agency. The writers throw in some contemporary references about Mad Men and the stock market for good measure. But it’s finally time for Lloyd to get some character development. Ari’s hundred days of challenges could be a really fun side plot if given enough attention.

Turtle is still with Jamie which is a relief after his previous romance was completely ignored (319). The producers find time to fit Shauna and Ari’s family into the show for good measure to remind us of all the beloved cameos still to be had.

The Bad: I’m not sure Vince should be bragging about his act of bribery on national TV. I imagine the instructor is pissed.

Comic Highlight: Typical interaction:
L: “I had dinner with my parents last night and my father spent the entire meal reaming me out.”
A: “You never told him you liked dick?”

Victory?: Pretty much exactly what you would expect.



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