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Entourage is a half hour long comedy-drama about young movie star Vincent Chase and his best friend and manager Eric Murphy. Filling out the entourage are high school friend Turtle and Vince's brother Johnny "Drama" Chase. High powered, ambitious and foul mouthed agent Ari Gold also helps to manage Vince's career. HBO 2004-11


Episode 10 - Seth Green Day

29 March 2012

Synopsis: Amy Miller offers Charlie a television deal but wants to cast Seth Green in it. Seth begins jerking Eric around and tells him to get Sloan to call him. Eric visits her and she ends up making the call for him. But Seth is so obnoxious that Charlie ends up punching him. Ari gets Andrew all dressed up for his meeting with Barbara but once there he has a panic attack. Ari takes out his anger on Barbara at her lunch for the most powerful women in Hollywood. On the set Eric confronts Verner about his lines being cut and Verner is straight with him about how he sees him in the movie.

The Good: This is an episode all about maturity and there is a great deal to like about it.

First off we have the man the episode is named after: Seth Green. He is once more (see 309) a good sport and plays the jerk really well. His interjection allows Eric the chance to visit Sloan once more. Their scene is so unlike most television shows and is an example of why Entourage can be so enjoyable to watch. Instead of angst or forced drama or silly questions, the two just have an honest, jokey, believably awkward conversation. It is consistent with how we saw them behave throughout season three and leaves you wanting more from their interaction. Sloan’s decision to call Seth suggests we haven’t seen the last of her and that is a nice little plot threat to leave hanging.

Then we have Vince confronting Verner about changing his role. Again my mouth was hanging open at how sensibly the story unfolded. Verner defended his behaviour so well that it makes you realise it was Vince who was being unreasonable. That is such an impressive bit of writing and a brave decision by the producers of Entourage. Verner lays it on the line for Vince pointing out that this is his movie and he is trying to do best by everyone in cutting Vince’s lines. He makes the excellent point that he is working on the film for a year compared to Vince’s months on it. He then offers Vince acting advice, which we haven’t seen anyone do. But after Ari criticised Vince’s acting in Medellin (502) it is clearly worth considering. Seeing Vince working on keeping his head straight was a really effective way of showing that he is changing. He has learnt he can’t breeze through this movie like all the others. It’s great to see character development like that.

Ari is as entertaining as ever and his bigoted speech will have some men cheering. Ari has not matured and his behaviour is pretty unjustified. As a well rounded character it is good to get a look at Ari’s flaws. His daughter gives him good advice but he refuses to take it, in the end falling back on his usual bullying and grandstanding.

The Bad: The problem with that is if we see no negative consequences for Ari. His speech is incredibly rude and offensive and he treats Barbara very poorly. Although she is hard on Andrew, it’s what you would expect a highly successful agent to do. If Ari comes through this as the unscathed victor then I think it sends an unhealthy message. Andrew looks a little pathetic having a panic attack after two questions.

Similarly Charlie is presented in a poor light in this episode. We don’t know much about him yet and sadly he has been portrayed as a bit of a black stereotype so far. Showing him having sex while on an important phone call or yelling at his co-workers doesn’t do much for his maturity level. But worst of all is him punching Seth Green. Not only does it make him look like a thug but there was almost no provocation. Seth Green was being an ass hole but it was the first time Charlie had ever seen him behave like that. Was there really any need to punch him? It makes Charlie look completely unprofessional and would probably put his career in danger. Clearly it was written so that each of Seth’s episodes could end with him getting punched but it was poorly thought through.

Comic Highlight: Not really a ha ha episode. Probable Sloan asking Eric if he has a girlfriend and him answering “I have a fiancée, I’m getting married in June.” He tells her he was joking to see if she still cared. “I probably should have let it sit there for a little while longer.”

Victory?: You see Eric and Vince are maturing. Charlie hasn’t yet, Ari may never and in this show, Seth Green certainly won’t. Despite the problems this is still an excellent episode. Vince and Eric’s stories are so sensible, so logical and so authentic that they feel different to all the other drama on television these days. It’s funny how doing something simple and doing it well can be so satisfying. If only other shows would follow Entourage’s lead.



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