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Entourage is a half hour long comedy-drama about young movie star Vincent Chase and his best friend and manager Eric Murphy. Filling out the entourage are high school friend Turtle and Vince's brother Johnny "Drama" Chase. High powered, ambitious and foul mouthed agent Ari Gold also helps to manage Vince's career. HBO 2004-11


Episode 6 - ReDOMption

29 March 2012

Synopsis: Turtle becomes Johnny’s assistant to earn some extra cash. Vince and Eric rush off after Dom when he calls saying he is running from the cops. Ari challenges Allan to a game of golf in an attempt to get Vince into “Smoke Jumpers.”

The Good: Eric’s suspicion of Dom’s behaviour definitely fits with his character. His decision to follow him to the bathroom makes sense and his willingness to think the worst doesn’t reflect badly on him. Johnny pointing out the downside of sleeping with other cast members is a nice touch. It is good to be reminded of the dangers inherent in the Hollywood lifestyle, it adds credibility to the show.

Ari really gains some sympathy in my eyes here. It wasn’t Ari’s decision for Vince not to do Aqua Man 2 and he is out risking thousands of his company’s dollars on Vince because of his personal affection for him. When Allan hurls his vitriolic abuse at Ari you feel bad for him and get a glimpse at the world which has made him so hardhearted and course. Ari’s conclusion that life is short and he needs to see his family is a nice moment for him and an appropriate reaction to Allan’s death.

The Bad: I don’t have a problem with Johnny’s reaction to Allan’s death. The entourage have no particular reason to mourn Allan’s death and selfish humans can’t help but see the benefits to them in someone else’s misfortune. However I don’t think it is a good plot twist. It is an old television cliché to kill off a character like this and feels unworthy of Entourage. Allan’s death shamelessly helps Vince’s career and it rather ruins the developing story of this season. That story was how hard Vince was going to have to work to get back in a good movie. This death screams plot device to get him what he wants.

Speaking of clichés, could Johnny have behaved any more like a diva? The show has slowly built him into a sympathetic and likeable character only to make him look moronic with his breakfast demands. It’s not exactly out of character, just unimaginative.

Dom’s redemption is also very convenient and through. He has so completely turned his life around that his story also feels clichéd. Though it looks like he will be suffering some very real consequences for his mistakes. His return does ask the uncomfortable question of why exactly Vince hasn’t been in touch all of this time. He has had enough time to have a child and yet he didn’t call Vince or vice versa? That hurts the credibility of this.

Comic Highlight: Probably Ari’s reaction to Allan introducing Phil Mickelson as his golf pro.

Victory?: A deeply convenient and clichéd episode of television. This episode is not the one to show someone who thinks Entourage is nothing more than a fluff show. Because largely this is, there is some good stuff in there but the conveniences really undermine any sense that this is a real story.



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