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Entourage is a half hour long comedy-drama about young movie star Vincent Chase and his best friend and manager Eric Murphy. Filling out the entourage are high school friend Turtle and Vince's brother Johnny "Drama" Chase. High powered, ambitious and foul mouthed agent Ari Gold also helps to manage Vince's career. HBO 2004-11


Episode 7 - Gotta Look Up To Get Down

29 March 2012

Synopsis: Vince is doing a Dolce and Gabbana advertising campaign in order to get some money. The man running the campaign fires the model he had chosen when he sees that she had met Vince before. When Vince realises it’s because he wants to sleep with Vince, he quits. Vince calls Natasha and she flies the gang out to Hawaii with her. Meanwhile Ari meets Allan’s boss John Ellis at the funeral and tries to get Vince into Smoke Jumpers. Ellis offers Ari Allan’s job and flies him to Geneva. Ari and Vince meet at the airport at quite a moment in both their careers.

The Good: Again it’s good to see Vince trying to find other ways of making money since he isn’t in a movie. It also provides a very typical Entourage glance into the fashion world. Complete with sleazy bosses, bossy model’s and lots of beautiful women to attract the eye and reject Johnny.

It’s Ari who provides the real story though. If he does become a studio head it would really shake up the show and create a new world for both Ari and the entourage to explore. The writers do a great job of filling Ari’s day with nuisances to show us his excitement and confusion building. The show has made good use of its recurring characters over the years, so the phone call with Dana Gordon adds a nice note of depth to the story by reminding us of the change in dynamics which could occur.

We get an excellent cameo from Jeffrey Tambor playing a neurotic version of himself. Plenty of famous actors have made appearances in the show but few have made fun of themselves in this subtle way. Credit the writers and acting for making it seem like Ari really was his agent and this was a conversation that they had had many times before.

The Bad: Although Ari’s affection for Vince is one of the cornerstones of the show, it seems too much when Ari thinks first of Vince when offered the promotion. We have never fully understood why Ari likes Vince so much. So when Ari is offered a huge promotion and comments that he can now get Vince any movie he likes it seems a little far fetched. Wouldn’t he think of the money, prestige, power and influence first?

Alan Dale has now played the rich, powerful, autocrat role in The OC, 24, Lost and Ugly Betty to name but a few. It is becoming harder to believe in him as a separate character each time.

Comic Highlight: Vince is introduced to Natasha and when she and Vince lock eyes it is obvious they have met before and like each other. They say hey and shake hands. Freddie is standing between them at such an angle that we can’t see the diminutive Eric anymore. When they have finished shaking hands, Eric leans out to the side and says “Eric Murphy”, appearing as if out of nowhere. His size becomes a running joke with the models throughout.

Victory?: A really strong episode for the show. While the guys handle the comedy and eye candy, it’s Ari who drives the plot forward and if he does become a studio head, the possibilities are endless. The contrived meeting at the airport works pretty well in giving Vince and Ari a chance to share this moment together. Fun and interesting to watch, good stuff. 



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