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Entourage is a half hour long comedy-drama about young movie star Vincent Chase and his best friend and manager Eric Murphy. Filling out the entourage are high school friend Turtle and Vince's brother Johnny "Drama" Chase. High powered, ambitious and foul mouthed agent Ari Gold also helps to manage Vince's career. HBO 2004-11


Episode 4 - Sorry, Harvey

29 March 2012

Synopsis: Eric is too scared to tell Harvey that they won’t be selling him Medellin. Johnny wants his condo to be annexed by Beverley Hills and so he befriends the Mayor. The Mayor wants Vince’s help to pick up women. They head to a club but the Mayor ends up with a transvestite. Meanwhile Ari is trying to read an M. Night Shyamalan script on the same night as his wife is trying to celebrate her best friend’s engagement. The valets switch his cars and he ends up spending the night in jail for speeding.

The Good: Harvey’s anger is consistent with what we have seen of him before (207). His anger seems very real and when the spit starts flying you can understand why Eric is scared of him. If Harvey ends up costing Vince a future opportunity at work then this plot will have interesting consequences. However Harvey’s threats last time came to nothing and if that is true again then this was a bit of a waste of time.

The Bad: Harvey does push plausibility with his claim that he will kill people because he is so angry.

This episode feels inconsequential. The Mayor of Beverly Hills story seems to be set up entirely for the final shot of the transvestite being exposed. It’s hardly a shock or very funny. Similarly Ari’s story contains plenty for Ari fans to enjoy but doesn’t lead anywhere. The final shot of M. Night Shyamalan asking him to read his entire new script is silly. It will clearly take Ari over an hour to do so. The plot makes Ari look like a good agent for going to such lengths for his client, but a bad husband for not supporting his wife better. Both things we already knew.

During Ari’s story the valet moans that he was wrongly accused again when the other Lexus driver couldn’t find his glasses in Ari’s car. Well he may have been wrongly accused of stealing but he made a big enough mistake that he deserves no sympathy on that.

Comic Highlight: Harvey sees a man in the restaurant who once stole his VP of Production. He wants to go and beat him up but says he won’t. Then when Eric needs to go to the bathroom he asks him to “walk by that cunt’s table and give him a little elbow in the head. If you like.” Eric sells it really nicely by walking slowly passed the guy.

Victory?: Entourage has now put together two pretty irrelevant episodes in a row. It is a measure of how consistently good the show has been that this is an issue. But this episode feels like filler, nothing seems to have any consequence and the humour isn’t strong.



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