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Entourage is a half hour long comedy-drama about young movie star Vincent Chase and his best friend and manager Eric Murphy. Filling out the entourage are high school friend Turtle and Vince's brother Johnny "Drama" Chase. High powered, ambitious and foul mouthed agent Ari Gold also helps to manage Vince's career. HBO 2004-11


Season Overview #Episodes Score Viewer
Season 4 2007 12 59 -
Season 5 2008 12 62 -
Season 6 2009 12 60 -
Season 7 2010 10 55 -
Season 8 2011 8 43 100

Top episodes

» Episode
Episode Overview Score Viewer score
Season 5
» Episode 11
Play'n With Fire Verner fires Vince and admits that the studio...
Verner fires Vince and admits that the studio forced him to accept him. Ari, Vince and Verner all go to the studio to make their case to Dana Gordon. When Verner can’t get what he wants he bursts in on John Ellis’ meeting demanding to know his opinion. Ellis shuts down the whole movie because it is over budget and problematic. Meanwhile Turtle gets a booty call from Jamie-Lynn Sigler which starts to turn into a relationship. He tells her his dreams and his real name: Sal.
81 -
Season 4
» Episode 7
The Day Fuckers Johnny goads Eric about not being able to...
Johnny goads Eric about not being able to have unemotional sex. Vince bets that Eric can get laid before Turtle, and Johnny takes the bet. Vince and Eric meet two British girls by the pool while Turtle meets a girl from the internet who has a furry fetish. Eric runs into Sloan but she has moved on. Meanwhile Ari tries to blackmail Principal Preston but finds him to be incorruptible. Finally he begs him to let his son in to his school and they make a deal.
77 -
Season 5
» Episode 12
Return To Queens Blvd The guys are back in New York and...
The guys are back in New York and partying every night. Vince’s mum tells him about the new Gus Van Sant movie which needs a leading man. Eric chases him down and offers to show him Vince’s scenes from Smoke Jumpers. He doesn’t offer Vince the role but does send the scenes to Martin Scorsese who is interested and offers Vince the lead in his new movie. In the meantime though Vince finally snaps and fires Eric. Eric returns to L.A. to help Charlie land his new television series. Meanwhile Turtle has phone sex with Jamie and Johnny buys the guys old hang out and names it Johnny Drama’s.
77 -
Season 5
» Episode 10
Seth Green Day Amy Miller offers Charlie a television deal but...
Amy Miller offers Charlie a television deal but wants to cast Seth Green in it. Seth begins jerking Eric around and tells him to get Sloan to call him. Eric visits her and she ends up making the call for him. But Seth is so obnoxious that Charlie ends up punching him. Ari gets Andrew all dressed up for his meeting with Barbara but once there he has a panic attack. Ari takes out his anger on Barbara at her lunch for the most powerful women in Hollywood. On the set Eric confronts Verner about his lines being cut and Verner is straight with him about how he sees him in the movie.
71 -
Season 5
» Episode 7
Gotta Look Up To Get Down Vince is doing a Dolce and Gabbana advertising...
Vince is doing a Dolce and Gabbana advertising campaign in order to get some money. The man running the campaign fires the model he had chosen when he sees that she had met Vince before. When Vince realises it’s because he wants to sleep with Vince, he quits. Vince calls Natasha and she flies the gang out to Hawaii with her. Meanwhile Ari meets Allan’s boss John Ellis at the funeral and tries to get Vince into Smoke Jumpers. Ellis offers Ari Allan’s job and flies him to Geneva. Ari and Vince meet at the airport at quite a moment in both their careers.
70 -

Credit HBO


There is some dispute over where the original idea for Entourage came from. The show is loosely based on the career of Mark Wahlberg and his group of friends. Wahlberg served as executive producer on the show and was clearly an inspiration having come from a very rough background in Boston to Hollywood stardom. Vincent Chase and company were designed as a much lighter version of Wahlberg's entourage. The show was largely written by Doug Ellin, a New Yorker himself.


Ratings for Entourage were not as relevant being on subscriber network HBO but they were respectable enough to ensure eight seasons of between eight and fourteen episodes.

The half hour drama\comedy format owed a lot to the success of HBO's Sex and the City. The style was to film the action like a real life drama but to keep things light and comic. The formula was largely successful for the first three seasons.

The show had a lot to offer. The tension between friendship and business allowed Vince and Eric to carry light drama while Johnny's insecurities and Ari's anger provided solid comedy. The show was described as "lifestyle porn", a description which neatly summed up another appealing aspect for viewers. Of course there were gorgeous houses and women but also a constant array of celebrity guest appearances and the chance to see how the rich and famous live.

It had become clear by season three however that there was a lack of consequence to Vince's life. The drama always remained light and no scrape seemed to permanently endanger any member of the Entourage. The show admirably pushed through a storyline which largely covered seasons four and five where Vince's pet project "Medellin" almost destroyed his career.

However the dramatic height of the show was also the end of any possibility of taking it seriously. Vince's career was rescued, deus ex machine-style, by Martin Scorsese and that was the end of that. Season six made it clear that no actual further development was going to take place and seasons seven and eight saw dull wheel spinning as the story ground to a halt.


Entourage was one of many shows I raced to catch up on in 2008 when I realized that I was going to start I always enjoyed the show as light entertainment. Without the need to be a full length drama or a laugh out loud comedy the show succeeded in keeping me interested right up to the end of season five.

The show never became more than it was though and I clearly overrated the end of season five while anticipating that actual consequences were on their way. The decline after that point was sad with no sense that there was much more story to tell. Season eight was painful and irritating as a thin story was stretched out to the very silly happy ending that everyone knew was coming.

As a completist I would like to go back and review the first three seasons at some point but that may be something that never happens.


In 2010 HBO aired How to Make it in America, another half hour light drama clearly influenced by Entourage's success.

December 2011