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Episode 10 - Intro to Knots

19 April 2013

This was a lot of fun. Mysteries almost always work on sit coms and the way the Professor tried to search for dissension in the ranks found the right balance between tension and silliness. I thought the writers finally found the right way to make Abed funny too. From his delight that their Christmas party had actually turned into a TV plot to his dismissal of the Professor's attempts to co-opt him he was amusingly apart from the situation. When he returned to awkward stairs from gathering pop corn I really laughed.

Chang's presence provided the excuse to do something as crazy as tying the Professor up and Malcolm McDowell was built to make these situations feel grandiose but despite all that it still felt a bit of a stretch that the group would let this happen. It's no big deal at this stage but I imagine Dan Harmon would have raised the stakes still further to pull this off.



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