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Episode 9 - Intro to Felt Surrogacy

14 April 2013

Credit NBC

This was a very bad episode. I have no anger over it, it was just the worst kind of committee-made piece of TV. Ignoring all the gimmicks for a second just think about the plot. The gang all reveal an embarrassing personal secret and then feel awkward around one another. Aside from Shirley's all the other secrets were bog standard and the kind of fan fiction that anyone could have written. Once everyone had shared the story was over. The plot was therefore pointless and only manufactured to give the puppets and songs some context.

The gimmicks were included because the new show runners feel honour bound to play with the format to keep up the tradition. Quite why we had songs and puppets though I don't know. The puppets were worked into the story but the songs never were. They felt unnecessary and weren't catchy or funny. The puppet story about balloons and forests was a terrible idea. It became too obvious that none of this ever happened and began to feel like a cost cutting exercise.

In the end this was exactly the kind of pointless exercise in being different that we all feared the new Community might become. The writers should just stick to traditional sit com fare which they've handled well so far.



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