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Episode 12 - Heroic Origins

5 May 2013

This was enjoyably put together without really being funny or necessarily telling us anything we didn't know.

I liked the comic book effects and the interweaving of back stories fit what we already knew nicely. Annie and Troy were the most interesting to watch as they played their youthful search for identity. Abed's discovery that he too had attempted a prequel and ruined everything (just as accused The Phantom Menace of doing) was a clever link to his own unfortunate origins. It was interesting to see old Jeff looking just like the Jeff in the darkest timeline. The way Chang was dragged in to be the Super Villain who united them all was fine and wisely avoided attempting a replay of his evil schemes to take over Greendale.

If the episode was meant to convey the sense that without one another they would never have managed their reinventions then it was let down by the nature of the show. Personal growth has come in fits and starts and it's not clear to me that the group 'saved' any of them even if it's made them generally less selfish at times.



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