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Episode 7 - Economics of Marine Biology

22 March 2013

Credit NBC

This episode really fit this season's tone. Morality and simple storytelling were at the core of the three main plots.

The new show runners decided to humanise Pierce in a straightforward manner by linking the loss of his father to Jeff's own Daddy issues and giving them a chance to bond. Pierce didn't really change at all to accomplish this, instead Jeff just learnt to appreciate his comfort zone for a change.

The P.E.E. story had a flash of old Community about it as instead of traditional physical education we get Shirley and Troy learning how to by gym teachers. It was a fun reversal of expectations with experienced mum Shirley thriving while Troy floundered. The only downside was in seeing Chang learn how to do simple things and yet know that he was faking the whole thing.

The "Whale" story where Annie and the Dean suck up big time to wealthy layabout Archie was as familiar as a sit com story can be. It was basic, enjoyable stuff but the ending was something you will have seen at least half a dozen times if not more. Only last week on Parks and Recreation Tom disciplined Jean-Ralphio's sister to unexpectedly positive results while back in Season One of Scrubs Elliott was tasked with educating an entitled medical student (117). The "no one's ever spoken to me like that before...and I liked it" conclusion is an easy one to fall back on but it's easy to forgive imitating something that generally works. I didn't really follow Abed's fraternity story. Was this mentioned before or was it created for this episode? If it recurs then maybe it was worth introducing here.



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