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Episode 3 - Conventions of Space and Time

2 March 2013

Once more this was far more relationship and character focussed than a Harmon episode of Community would ever have been. However this seemed to be more obvious and less interesting than the last couple.

The Jeff-Annie story was so simple that it almost felt like a Big Bang Theory story. The same goes for Shirley and Pierce in the focus group. Pierce ruins stuff that Abed likes because Pierce is out of touch and mean. That’s about it.

Britta seemed incredibly supportive and kind to Troy. It doesn’t feel like we established that she is this into him. While Abed learnt his lesson about friendship in quick time without any weird diversions which you’d assume old Community would have insisted on.

All in all it was another logical episode but without any humour or subtlety.



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  • The fact that Annie has for me becoming more annoying than Pierce is in itself a insult to the character. She comes across as overbearing and slightly unhinged. I actually felt sorry for Jeff even though he was taking a leaf out of Barney's playbook in trying to get a girl.

    The episode felt superficial in many ways that Community for its flaws has never been for me.

    Especially after last week's great Halloween episode, this was a letdown. The plot felt forced from Abed feeling alone to Troy's whining.

    Strangely I found Pierce to be the funniest guy in this episode. From giving 'inputs' to a show he has no idea about to bowing down to shirtless Jeff because 'everyone else is', he was fantastic.

    Viewer score: 45 / 100

    Posted by Avishek, 02/03/2013 7:47am (7 years ago)

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