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Episode 11 - Basic Human Anatomy

4 May 2013

Initially I found the body switch about as irritating as Jeff did. In part because Abed's impression of Troy was poor and leant heavily on an awkward impression of generic black guy intonation. However as the twist played itself out it was a sweet and effective way for immature Troy to hide from breaking up with Britta. It fit the character and Britta played the moment with surprising sadness. It felt like a very Season Four thing to do. In itself that's a silly statement (given that we've only had eleven episodes) but this story captured the blend of genuine emotional storytelling combined with Community-style innovation which the new show runners have attempted.

The real problem of course is that Troy and Britta were barely a couple. I've never felt the reinvented Britta has felt fully developed as a character and by extension her relationship with Troy always felt thrown together. Their breakup had no resonance, despite being handled well.

The Dean did a better job than Troy or Abed with his impersonation (Jeff) but that felt too ridiculous, especially as it was all an excuse for him to use the phrase "when Jeffrey was inside me" repeatedly.



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