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Episode 6 - Advanced Documentary Filmmaking

16 March 2013

Credit NBC

Oh man. I really thought the new writers were onto something by just wiping Chang’s slate and starting from scratch. Instead they look set to continue the silly over the top feud between Greendale and City College or the Air Conditioning Repair people or whoever. Those parts of the show became discredited the sillier they got. The more Jeff kept reminding us that Chang had tried to kill everyone the harder it was to buy into the idea that he was now Kevin.

It’s a shame because the episode told a fairly enjoyable story about Kevin genuinely not being Chang. I liked the line where Abed related to Kevin practicing facial expressions in front of a mirror. Jeff being a true sceptic worked out as you would expect with twists and counter twists. On the downside Britta being bad with cameras was a pretty cheap continuation of that gag and Annie and Troy’s partnership didn’t go anywhere. 



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  • This was a very enjoyable episode of Community with only the ending making me feel a little frustrated. I liked how Jeff would be the only skeptic in the group( Pierce is not part of the group anymore, he’s just a bad pun) and Kevin/Chang was able to offer totally reasonable answers to Jeff’s questions. Especially the part when he recited word to word Shirley and Jeff’s conversation. Annie is becoming too much irritating and took Troy down with her.

    It seems Jeff and Abed are the only two on which this season will take a hard look at. Jeff is slowly being changed from the maniacal sleaze from last season to a reasonable person while Abed is delightful in his childlike simplicity.

    I really loved how Kevin and Jeff were both connected in that they had a disturbing past to get rid of and Greendale was offering them a chance to do so. That’s what Community is all about.

    Then the shit hit the fan. The writers need to understand this is not a superhero or action adventure show with a maniacal clichéd villain like Chang or that air conditioning guy. It’s about a man’s journey from a self centered and emotionally deprived self to a guy who cares about the people he is with. This memory loss presented us a chance to see Kevin as a person analogous to Jeff.

    Jeff’s not Superman and Chang’s not Lex Luthor. If I wanted to see that, I would watch Superman. Not Community. 19 minutes of genuine Community lost to 1 minute of Superhero parody.

    Viewer score: 60 / 100

    Posted by Avishek, 16/03/2013 2:54pm (7 years ago)

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