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30 Rock

30 Rock is a comedy about "TGS with Tracy Jordan" a sketch show (based on Saturday Night Live) run out of 30 Rockefeller Centre in New York. Head writer Liz Lemon has to deal with temperamental stars Tracy Jordan and Jenna Maroney while also appeasing her boss Jack Donaghy. NBC 2006-???


Episode 23 - Respawn

6 May 2011

We all have our quirks in life. Mine is that I watch sit coms. Within reason I don't care how bad they are I just like seeing the 22 minute formula play out in different ways. I am still watching Outsourced, Mad Love, Perfect Couples, Happy Endings and Traffic Light just to keep an eye on them. I also still watch The Middle and Modern Family but don't write about them.

I will never stop watching 30 Rock. Like The Simpsons and Family Guy it long ago ceased to be something I enjoyed but I am a quirky completist. At least with those animated comedies I once enjoyed them but I've never enjoyed 30 Rock. Outside of James Franco's love for a pillow (409) and Tracy commenting on the economic crisis (312) I've never liked the show. I've always thought it was sketch comedy masquerading as a sit com. In my opinion the show isn't funny and for five seasons I've reiterated that opinion. Clearly other people like it and so it's time for me to stop writing about it.

My opinion isn't going to change and my time needs to be better spent elsewhere. I hope one day to be able to comment on all the shows I watch, even if only briefly. Until then though this is goodbye to 30 Rock, though doubtless I will still watch it from time to time.

To give the writers credit they addressed my complaints about Jack's lack of mourning as he mentally broke down over Avery's kidnapping. I also can't help but like Paul who has made Jenna a strange advocate for tolerance. Otherwise this was more of the same and I'm sure Season 6 will be too.



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  • You clearly didn't read what I wrote which explained that. As a critic it's important to understand what other people are watching and not shut yourself off from everything you don't like.

    Posted by The TV Critic, 31/07/2011 1:39pm (7 years ago)

  • Why would you ever watch and review a show you never liked for 5 seasons? The only person winning are the show writers because you give them viewer ratings. Nice job, loser.

    Posted by Bill, 30/07/2011 1:08am (7 years ago)

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