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Author Topic: Game of Thrones: Season 7: Stormborn 584 Views
  • Fluids
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    Game of Thrones: Season 7: Stormborn Link to this post

    I like pieces of this episode; not the whole thing.


    Dany confronts Varys about his actions against her in the past and presses him for who's side he's on. He says he's always on the side of the people and she can have Grey Worm assassinate him or she could have him fed to Dragons, however he says she's the best choice at the moment for leading the people. He only changes sides when the actions of the leader who is around at the time are called into question. Dany makes him swear allegiance to her and to let her know when her actions are called into question to her face and he agrees. She says she will roast him alive if he doesn't, which he fully expects.

    Mel shows up and they debate through Missandei the meaning of Azhor(a) Hai it is the prince (or princess) promised who shall bring the dawn. (SEE: The Unknown.) She mentions Dany should meet Jon Snow and Tyrion vouches for Jon. She leaves it to Jon to fill Dany in about all that has happened to him.

    Dany orders Tyrion to summon Jon and bend the knee to her.

    Jon and Sansa receive Dany's raven (however Tyrion omits the bending of the knee part and mentions she has three dragons and asks him to come to Dragonstone to discuss an alliance.)

    Cersei calls her bannerman; including Randall and Dickon Tarly. She tries to convince them to take up arms with her because the Dothraki (who work for Dany) will rape, pillage and plunder the countryside.

    Jaime tries to convince Lord Tarly to fight with them afterwards and try to pin his allegiance. Randall appears reluctant however he's leaning towards Lady Olenna's side (Dany.)

    Archmaester Ebrose and Samwell examine Ser Jorah and see that the greyscale has progressed and Ser Jorah should have cut off his arm when first contracted. He tells Ser Jorah, there's nothing they can do for him now and that since he's a knight he can stay one more *night* and then has to go live the rest of his life with the Stone men
    out in Old Valyria.

    Qyburn shows Cersei a huge crossbow that he has had made that can allegedly kill dragons in the bowels of the Red Keep. (See: The Unknown.)

    Dany, Lady Olenna, Ellaria Sand and Yara plot their battle plans (withe aid of Tyrion); against Cersei. (See: The Good.) Greyworm and the Unsullied are to attack Casterly Rock while Yara and Ellaria sail to Dorne to pick up her army and then along with the Tyrells they lay siege on Cersei at King's Landing. It's agreed that if they attacked the people might side with Cersei rather than them.

    Lady Olenna pulls Dany aside to tell her that Tyrion is clever, however she should ignore him and be a Dragon. (See: The Unknown.)

    Missandei and Grey Wormy have some intimate moments. It appears they were able to work around Greyworm's limitations.

    Samwell and Archmeister Ebrose discuss a procedure to cure greyscale that was proposed by a Maester that died from Greyscale. The Archmaester forbids it.

    Jorah writes to Khalesi (not sure what is in the letter.)(See: the Unknown.)

    Samwell helps Ser Jorah cure his greyscale with a painfully gross procedure after telling Ser Jorah how he saw his father die up in the North fighting for him. (See: the Unknown.)

    Arya meets Hotpie in the Riverlands who informs her that Jon is King of the North now. She decides to head North to Winterfell instead of going after Cersei directly.

    Jon gets a raven from Samwell telling him that Dragonstone has a huge mountain of Dragonglass. Ser Davos points out dragon fire can kill Wights.

    Jon assembles his banner men to reveal the two raven messages and debate whether he should go or not. Most the ladies and lords are against; including Sansa because of how the mad king treated his grandfather and uncle. Jon leaves Sansa in charge and says he and Ser Davos will go meet her.

    Jon chokes Little Finger in the crypts (after he visits his father's crypt; I suppose for guidance) especially after he professes his love for Caitlyn and then Sansa.

    Arya meets Nymeria and after their encounter; she's not able to persuade Nymeria to go up North with her and concludes that that is not who Nymeria is; she's a wild Direwolf. Perhaps Arya
    sees herself like Nymeria? She did tell Ned back in the first couple of Seasons that she was not a princess or Lady type; that she wanted to be a fighter. This may have an effect on what her next steps are. (See: the Unknown)

    Sand snakes argue about who they each get to kill (stupid scene).

    Yara gets it on with Ellaria while Theon pours the wine. Euron crashes their boat party.

    Euron captures Yara. Two of sand snakes get killed and Ellaria and the remaining sand snake are taken prisoner; presumably to give up to Cersei as an offering. Theon turns coward and jumps off his ship; leaving Yara in Euron's hands (Reek is still around apparently.)


    * Yay Hotpie and Nymeria! I loved how they used Nymeria to show, how Arya is sticking to her true nature. She's an assassin and I would be surprised if she continued to go up to Winterfell. She will probably head back on her mission to kill Cersei.

    * I thought it was great that Jon didn't trust Little Finger. Perhaps Jon knows that Little Finger left Sansa to Roose Bolton and Ramsay which is what probably caused him to Choke Little Finger. It brought me back to Ned nearly choking little finger in front of his brothel in Season 2.

    * I loved the battle plotting scene with Dany, Lady Olenna, Ellaria Sand and Yara; against Cersei.
    It's a rarity I think to see a council of women (in a show or movie) plot a battle; going through possibly scenarios; against a common enemy who is also a woman. It clearly marks the changes in leadership in this world.


    * The Sand Snakes arguing over who gets to kill who. I thought this was stupid scene that served no purpose and I hated their laughter. It was good to see them finally die in the war with Euron; finally! I personally have hated the Dornish plot line the entire length of the show.

    * I didn't like the battle with Euron, Yara, Theon and the Sand snakes. There was too much going on with folks being killed that I didn't even know so it lost impact for me and just was distracting. It seems like Dorne is about great wine; lots of sex and ego tripping over killing enemies.


    * Why doesn't Tyrion tell Jon to bend the knee?

    * Is Dany Azhor(a) Hai?

    * Which side is Randall Tarly on? Will Jaime's pressure force him to side with Cersei over the Tyrells? You would think Cersei incinerating Mace, Marjorie and Loras would have made that decision for him. However, it's not clear to me.

    * Can the crossbow be maneuvered easy enough to get off a shot at one of the dragons?

    * Will the Northerners respect Sansa?

    * Will Jon be successful? Will he bend the knee to Dany?

    * Will Arya turn around and go after Cersei instead of making her way back to Winterfell?

    * Will Jon and Ser Davos kill Mel if they see her at Dragonstone?

    * Will Dany listen to Lady Olenna? What will she unleash with her inner dragon?

    * What is in the letter to Dany that Ser Jorah has penned?

    * Does Lady Olenna really have Dany's best interest at heart or is she just trying to get Dany to act like a Targaryen so that later on she can swoop for a victory war over whoever is left?

    * Will Ser Jorah be cured of his greyscale?

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  • Aaronic
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    Re: Game of Thrones: Season 7: Stormborn Link to this post

    Hey Fluids, you said "I like pieces of this episode; not the whole thing" and I couldn't agree more. I give this a 58 out of 100.

    I enjoyed most of the one on one conversation scenes. Jon with Littlefinger raised some nice tensions and allowed us to see 2 characters who have never interacted before come to blows. It reminded me of Ned and Littlefinger outside the brother from season 1. Varys with Dany was also great as it gave us a quick reminder on Varys and gave us some insight into what his position is regarding his loyalty to Dany. There is more about this scene that I liked which I will mention later in the review. Cersei with Qyburn was also a nice tease of her preparations to fight the Dragons. Lastly, Jaime with Tarly was a logical serene in which Jaime tries to buy the loyalty of another lord. I loved that Jaime and Cersei had used logical reasons to try to rally the support of other Westerosi houses against Dany.

    Arya's storyline was enjoyable. Aside from my problems with the details of her assassin powers, I've thoroughly enjoyed her season 7 story arc thus far. Her reunions were excellent and fun in a way Game of Thrones often isn't. I was glad to see Hot Pie again and there were some funny callbacks to Arya cooking the Freys into pies. I loved Arya's reaction to hearing about Jon retaking Winterfell. It was hopeful and yet also featured a hint of fear which really demonstrates how much her character has changed from season 3. The scene with Nymeria was also effective at driving in this point and also added the mystery of if Arya will go to Winterfell or Kings Landing. I would be fine with either because on one hand I would like to see her get vengeance on Cersei but I also want to see her reunite with her family.

    Grey Worm and Missandei having a pleasurable sex scene to cement their love and overcome their limitations was wonderful. On a show so filled with misery and despair, this is a fresh breath of air even though it seems to mostly exist just to provide the episode with some mandatory boobs.

    Sam trying to save Jorah from Greyscale was a nice development but I would have liked to see more about how the 2 characters felt about what they were doing. For example, I know that Sam chooses to help Jorah because he is Jeor Mormont's son, but what are the consequences of his actions? Will he be kicked out of the Citadel? Is he afraid of that? Does he hope that the success of the treatment will be enough to let him stay? These questions needed to be answered to give the scene an emotional edge to make me care. Furthermore, we know even less about how Jorah feels in this situation which is a shame since it would be easy to relate to a man who has gotten the Westerosi equivalent of cancer. In the end, I liked the scene but I felt that it could have and should have been so much more.

    The sea battle was awful. Sure it was visually cool and gruesome like all other Game of Thrones battles but this one made absolutely no sense. The nighttime setting for battle is unrealistic in many ways. How would anybody be able to see anything? Euron should not be able to accurately Attacks Yara and Theon's fleet in the darkness of night. The nighttime setting also takes away from our enjoyment because it makes it extremely difficult to figure out what is happening, which in turn makes us care less about what is happening. At first I was going to complain about Euron being able to find Yara and Thron's fleet so easily but I realized that Euron was run straight into them to leave Blackwater Bay so at least that part made sense. In the end the only thing I was actually happy about was that majority of the Sand Snakes were killed off. And thank god for that!

    There are a few problems I have had with the show as a whole in the past few seasons that flared up once more in this episode. For one the show isn't as good at balancing emotion and character with plot progression and battle. The 2 significant battles in season 2 and 4 felt much more thought out and impacted me a lot more than the battle in this episode did. And it's not just a fluke because the major battles in seasons 5 and 6 had the same problem. Though I still enjoyed those battles, they weren't as beautifully detailed and logical and they didn't carry the same weight that the Battle of Blackwater or Battle of Castle Black did. There weren't memorable character moments in this episode's battle and there was very little attention given to the status of the battle and the tactics at play which was dearly missed after the tactical brilliance of the previously mentioned battles. The second problem, albeit a small one is the pacing. I am enjoying the quicker pace and it's nice to see the plot move a bunch in fewer episodes, but in this episode it did take away from any possible build-up and emotional engagement. I'm not sure if this will effect the other episodes this season but it is a bit of a worry. Lastly, a flaw that I've noticed Robin mention quite frequently through his later season reviews, is that the show seems firmly focused on providing spectacle to a scene than actual storytelling. I mentioned this above a bit when I discussed Jorah and Sam's scene, that Game of Thrones is trying too hard to be cool and fun and as a result is missing the proper emotion that these storylines should have. This has hurt my enjoyment of many other scenes these last few seasons, and it hurt my enjoyment of this week's climactic moments as well like the prospect of Dany meeting Jon and the sea battle. I would like to see some more emotion and conflict added instead of just constant hype and excitement.

    Overall, this episode continued the worst parts about the last few seasons. Though I still enjoy the show as a whole, it's still less quality than it once was.

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