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Forums » Other TV Shows » Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 10: Lantern

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Author Topic: Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 10: Lantern 722 Views
  • Fluids
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    Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 10: Lantern Link to this post

    I liked it. Especially Michael Mckean's scenes were very dark; disturbingly tragic.


    * Chuck faces off with HHM in the board room. He lays out three options: Him suing HHM; HHM buying him out and the third they continue onward as if nothing has happened. Howard orders everyone out of the room and presents Chuck with a check buying him out for three million using his own personal money. Howard announces Chuck's departure from HHM to everyone and Chuck leaves; looking surprisingly defeated. It's pretty clear he was not expecting this outcome. He thought he was in control and Howard took that away from him.

    * Jimmy makes Kim breakfast and she struggles adamantly to feed herself. She opts for narcotics over Ibuprofen for her recovery pains. He intends to sublet their office over cancelling their lease and taking a bath on rent. She agrees to Jimmy finding someone else to use the space while she works from home and recuperates.

    * Kim confesses she could have killed someone (Jimmy says herself). She had only had 6 hours sleep over the course of a week before the accident; explaining her run down behavior over the past couple of episodes.

    * Cut to Nacho's father's upholstery shop. Don Hector shows up and offers him money. Nacho persuades his father to take it for sake of his family.
    He grudgingly takes the money and Don Hector confides to Nacho that he doesn't trust his father upon his departure.

    * Kim's assistant says she's lucky to be alive and her client is sending her steaks and wishing her a speedy recovery. She has set things up so Kim can still meet the deadline, however Kim thinks about her near death experience and opts rather to relax and recuperate and binge watch movies than possibly kill herself again trying to meet the deadline while recovering. Her assistant calls the client to break the news and he's cool with delaying settling his issues.

    * Jimmy out of concern goes to visit Chuck. He is amazed at Chuck's recovery. The house looks wonderful on the inside; particularly the kitchen and Chuck has all the power going and he wasn't expecting Jimmy, so he obviously has made progress with his illness. However, Chuck's ego gets the better of him and he decides to really go after Jimmy and tells him he shouldn't have regrets in his life because he really doesn't care about anyone but himself and never has. He also coldly confides to Jimmy that he never really mattered much to him. Jimmy leaves quietly looking hurt and this also hurts Chuck himself. I think it was at this point Chuck realized that Jimmy was the one person who really cared for him and he has severed his relationship with him.

    * Jimmy goes to celebrate the settling of Sandpiper with Irene, however she's got second thoughts and hasn't signed. She's convinced her friends really don't want to settle and the settlement won't change the way they are treating her.

    * Jimmy tries to convince Irene's friends it was his fault for everything, however they don't believe him.

    * Meanwhile, Chuck has disintegrated entirely. He cancels his appointment with his therapist and shuts off the power to the house. The power meter keeps ticking although he has shut off everything. He calls the power company and they won't be there for days. (SEE: The Unknown). This sends him tearing apart walls and outlets and unscrews light bulbs to try and gain control in his life to no avail. Finally; he smashes the power meter with a sledge hammer.

    * Don Eladio sends a messenger to let Don Hector know that Gus will be the the sole source of product delivery into the US which causes him to have a heart attack. Gus tries to save his life while the paramedics are getting there. Nacho switches the pills back to normal and it's pretty clear Gus saw that move. (SEE: The Unknown.)

    * Jimmy visits Kim in her binge watching recovery shangrila and she offers him some dipping sauce for snacks and he comes up with a plan to convince the ladies to go back with Irene.

    * Jimmy hosts chair yoga and executes a ploy where Irene's attorney Erin Brill just shows up and he admits over his yoga mike that he plotted to make Irene look bad in front of her friends to sign the Sandpiper settlement early. This is enough to send Irene's friends back to her and the expense is his client base that he was going to go back to when he resumes his law practice.

    * He muses to Kim and she thinks he could still have clients and tells him to keep his Rolodex. They say goodbye to their assistant she goes back to the MVD.

    * In spite of smashing the meter Chuck is spiraling further into a deep depression where he just wants to end everything. He slowly kicks over a lantern and his place catches on fire. It's unclear if he survives this. Credits.

    Overall thoughts:

    I gave this a 71 on Robin's scale.


    * Chuck's downward spiral was tragic, dark; very well acted and hard to watch. I felt the psychological work with the character was wonderful and that I was on the difficult journey into madness with him. It appeared Chuck felt 'powerless' after being bought out; not powerless in the homestead though eh? It's clear he felt Jimmy came over to gloat because he helped end Chuck's career at HHM. Chuck's courage over his illness still gave him the fortitude to talk down to Jimmy and push him a way for good, however the backlash of guilt for pushing away the one person who cared for him (as flawed as Jimmy is) spiraled him into loneliness and relapse. That all worked very well for me.

    * A lot of dimension to Howard's character. He took an initiative to gain control and finally dealt with Chuck. He always has been very well controlled with his emotions and dignity.


    * I didn't like the whole ploy with Erin to get Irene back with her crew. It's been done in other shows. I thought it was predictable and it left me feeling meh.

    * I couldn't tell if Jimmy went to Chuck's to send him over the edge of insanity or if he really cared about Chuck and was hurt by Chuck's comments. He did make it clear a few episodes ago to Kim how he felt about Chuck and it wasn't good.

    * What specifically triggered Chuck's relapse? Was it the combination of being bought out of HHM and his hurtful actions to his brother when he visited? Or was it one more than the other? This mattered to me because I think Chuck's trigger would have been more apparent and intense then it was. It was just all of a sudden he snaps and he's smashing walls.


    * Is Chuck Still alive? If he's dead what will this do to Jimmy?

    * If Chuck is dead, did he leave his three million dollars from HHM to Jimmy? There's no doubt since he is a lawyer he put the money from HHM somewhere safe.

    * Will Nacho's father die?

    * Jimmy did go after his brother to bury his career since Chuck did that to him. Was Jimmy trying to take it a step further and send Chuck over the edge of insanity or was he checking to see if Chuck was okay and he was genuinely hurt by Chuck's comments?

    * Is Gus going to out Nacho? Or will they end up being allies against Don Hector?

    * Was the power meter really still going after Chuck turned off everything or was it still going in his mind and that was symbol that he lost it?

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  • Aaronic
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    Re: Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 10: Lantern Link to this post

    Circumstances have drastically changed for me recently so it will be a while before I can return to full length reviews. For now I will continue these short ones.

    I enjoyed this a lot. It was a fast paced and satisfying finale. I give it a 76.

    -Chuck's scenes were very tragic and powerful and absolutely stole the show. The montage was one of the show's very best and that final scene was a very chilling and effective way to conclude the season.

    -Hector's stroke satisfied after all of the build and I enjoyed it. I'm excited to see where the Gus/Nacho storyline goes from here.

    -I loved seeing Jimmy have some regrets. It has been splendid to watch him slowly turn into Saul Goodman over these 3 seasons and it's nice to see him still trying to resist.

    -Chuck and Jimmy's final scene was tremendous.

    -This episode was very tense throughout and I loved it. There weren't many major scenes but every scene gave the sense that something big was going to happen by episode's end.

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